Music Monday: High School Edition

I listened to a lot of various Artists in High School; I was a bit of a Music buff who had a penchant for local shows and unknown Artists at the time. A lot of these I met in person and had close relationships with over the years, but I listened to a lot of mainstream music as well… And when I really want a kick of Nostalgia, I often find myself rolling back to them for once reason or another.

Jamison Parker Earshot Media colorJamisonParker

JamisonParker’s Guitarist (Jamison Covington) hails from Kentucky, but the band itself wasn’t formed until he moved to California. And despite the fact that they are no longer together they have a special place in the lineup.

They’re one of those groups whose circumstances of my discovery are muddled by time… Still, I do remember that Best Mistake was the first song of theirs that I had ever listened to- followed closely by Biting Bullets. Songs like Here’s Everything I’ve Always Meant to Say and Your Song always made it into my playlists at least once as well.

Kill Hannah

kill_hannah_atlanticThe first time I ever heard Kill Hannah, it was sitting squashed between Geoff and Sean- all of us in Sean’s truck making a 20 minute treck to next town over for Church. They were listening to Kill Hannah’s For Never & Ever album, just before the release of Until There’s Nothing Left of Us. Something about the band was hypnotizing and I quickly picked up the whole CD for myself; I was hooked the second I heard I Wanna be a Kennedy, and the same year, they became the first band I actually purchased Merch from directly: A Little Dogtag with their Sniper Hear logo on it- an item I still own to this day.

Their cover of Billy Idol’s Rebel Yell is still one of my favorites to date. There were a lot of times, even, that songs like their Unwanted helped me through some serious rough patches in my life. And funnily enough? When my Husband and I first got together I even introduced him to the band (yes, I still have their CDs) in the form of their song Crazy Angel. Since then it’s just one of those that’s become “our song”.

8e0f9f45-f0a1-40a5-878f-cd5d2b4179fdMy Chemical Romance

And of course, with the recent release of their highly mysterious teaser video, I would consider myself a failure if I didn’t include My Chemical Romance in the list.

While Black Parade is the album MCR is most known for today, I was only vaguely a fan of that album- preferring the album that came before it instead; I was introduced to the bad when they first released Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge– which predated Black Parade by at least 3 years. A good friend of mine introduced me to them when their album dropped in June, but I wasn’t really hooked until they released their music video for I’m Not Ok (I Promise) that September.

For a little bit in High School, my nickname was even “Gerard” due to having a penchant for modeling my makeup after their Lead (Gerard Way). It didn’t stick very long, thankfully… But a small part of me is excited to see what this year brings us from them.


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