Music Monday: The Neighborhood, Alt-J, and Chet Faker

I love Music. It gives me the most pleasure of any singular Art form in existence- so much so that, like many Music lovers, I have no Genre preferences, but a lot of individual favorites; I am constantly discovering new Music, and I want to start sharing those Artists with you weekly if I am able.

8fb4b7769ed6ace575fe445e8a373490The Neighborhood

The Neighborhood is another one of those bands that Pandora radio introduced me to. Hailing from California, they have a sound that’s both haunting and energizing in many ways;  occupying a strange place somewhere between rock, hip hop, and a hundred other Genres despite being labeled purely as a Rock band.

I can’t quite place my finger on exactly what it is about them, but it almost makes you feel somewhat nostalgic or wistful when you listen. Sweater Weather, Afraid, Let it Go, #Icanteven, Female Robbery, and Staying Up are among some of my favorites; they really illustrate the Band’s ability to hop genres almost flawlessly without sacrificing the unique sound that they’ve developed.


Despite being around since 2007, I wasn’t introduced to Alt-J until a couple years ago when a user on Tumblr that I’m close to answered an ask about the music they enjoy listening to. Needless to say, I fell in love.

Some of their songs like Left Hand Free have a sound that sits just on the edge of American Southern in some regards… But altogether, Alt-J has a pretty unique sound to them- one which is mostly haunting, such as their songs Every Other Freckle and TesselateHunger of the Pine does, too, but it also almost has elements that reminds me of some of Lorde’s work.

journaling_by_rona_keller-da738f5Chet Faker

I discovered Chet Faker last week shortly after scheduling the first “Music Monday” post. I’m not sure what I expected an Electronica Artist from Australia to sound like, but he certainly wasn’t it.

The Trouble with Us has an almost 70’s vibe meets Daft Punk feel to it which is worthy of the Electronica label… But with songs like Talk is Cheap, though, it’s hard to agree with him being labeled purely as Electronica in many ways- and Gold is not only a great song with a bluesy undertone, the video is interesting as well. Featuring a trio of women on quad skates doing a choreographed dance routine, it certainly captures your attention with its flawless execution and exhibition of skill. Still, despite the fact that he almost Genre Hops in many ways, I’ve fallen in love.


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