Music Monday: Dorothy, G-Easy, and The Kooks

I love Music. It gives me the most pleasure of any singular Art form in existence- so much so that, like many Music lovers, I have no Genre preferences, but a lot of individual favorites; I am constantly discovering new Music, and I want to start sharing those Artists with you weekly if I am able… This week, I have a few different obsessions.


First, is Dorothy, a recent discovery of mine thanks to Pandora Radio- though they’ve been around since 2014; despite hailing from Los Angeles in California, it is undeniable that the overall sound of the band feels much more in line with the Southern Blues Rock that I have come to love in recent years.

Everything from the music, to the lyrics, and her voice are powerful. I was hooked within one song- and I can’t pick just a single song of theirs as a favorite, either; Wicked OnesBang Bang Bang, Missile, After Midnight, Raise Hell… Their sound is so consistent that every song they have available is amazing in its own right. It’s just a shame that they don’t have more released!


Next up is rapper G-Easy– another one hailing from California. While I’m not a huge fan of most Rap or Hip-Hop artists, he still has a few songs that I enjoy. Mostly these are his songs with female vocalist features- like Me, Myself, and I with Bebe Rexa, Endless Summer with Erika Flowers, and Let’s Get Lost with Devon Baldwin- or even his contribution to Grace’s You Don’t Own Me.

It’s less his Music that I am interested in, however. Instead I am more interested in the fact that he’s a bit of an enigma; despite being a Rapper and having quite a few songs that fit within the spectrum of what we’ve come to associate with Rap, he doesn’t fit that mold visually– and not just because he’s a white man. Instead, in appearance G-Easy very much has that 1950’s greaser like Vibe and a passion for Classic Muscle Cars- which is certainly something I wouldn’t have expected.

The-Kooks-band-03The Kooks

And last up is The Kooks, hailing from England. Catchy and upbeat, some of their music reminds me a lot of the music I listened to in High School.

As a band, they experiment with a lot of different genres. As a result, their music isn’t as consistent in sound-  and there’s a lot more that I don’t like. Still, songs like Bad Habit are catchy and hard to let go of; their song Around Town itself is haunting in some ways, mostly hard to describe, but wonderful as well. Most of their songs, though, have an interesting 1960’s to 1970’s era feel to them- which is especially prominent in songs like Forgive & Forget.


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