The Difference a Year Makes

Can you believe we started the renovations on the house? I know it’s been hard for me to imagine it. But while the interior of the house hasn’t changed too much over the last year, some things have indeed changed and I feel like an update is in order now that we are officially past the one year mark.

The Living Room

Eventually we’ll have to address the fact that we botched the electrical job on the ceiling light… But to be completely honest? There isn’t much more that we can do with this room; we’ve certainly switched furniture and changed up the decorations a little, but there is no other way to organize or otherwise change this room. The plan really is to just continue decorating it.

The Kitchen

I can definitely say that I have learned to make much better use of the space available in the Kitchen- and doing so has made me a much happier camper. It’s also the only complete room in the entire house; there are no more renovations required except for refinishing the floor- and I’m leaning more towards not doing that since, with proper maintenance, I’ve actually grown quite fond of the unfinished wood over the last year.

The Bathroom

007-1sThis year we’re trying to concentrate on the landscaping, but next year we have plans to (hopefully) complete the bathroom finally. That being said? The Bathroom remains the only portion of the house that has simultaneously had the most work done on it while looking like it’s had the least. It’s an impressive feat, I must admit. But the work is evident when you look at how it truly looked when we first got our House.

Still, we have a lot more to do here; continued renovations eventually include replacing the single shower with a bath and shower combination. It also includes transforming the laundry space into something fit for Single (or Stackable) unit instead- adding in a bit more storage if possible during the process. We’ve also decided to texture at least the lower portion of the walls in a sort of “wave” pattern to add interest. And most importantly, we still have to get the shower working in the first place. It’s all a long way off, though. For now, we’re simply happy that it functions.

The Bedroom

My Husband and I still haven’t fixed that small window to the left of the be. Aside from that, though, future plans for this room really just include painting it; we’re kind of enjoying the tree-like cave feel of the room at the moment (what can I say… The paneling is growing on me).  We’re also considering turning the whole entrance wall into a built in closet, but we haven’t completely made up our minds on that front yet. But taking out my dresser and rearranging some of the furniture has really opened up the space.

Now if only I could get the Cats to stop climbing up the false Headboard that’s hiding the two broken, insulation filled windows!

The Shrine Room

Because the Shrine Room was so small, I never really snagged any pictures of it while we were renovating. The fact that we didn’t actually touch the Shrine Room during renovations (except to swap an outlet out for a light) didn’t help much, either. That being said, I did eventually do a little work on it- including rearranging it a million times and finally painting at least one wall.It still needs work, but it functions and it’s still my favorite room in the house.

And that’s really it! What do you guys think?Signature Blue


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