The Liebster Award

The lovely Elsie at Sweet Baby Cadillac nominated me for something called the Liebster Award tonight. I had no idea what on Earth it was and had to look it up.

Turns out, though, that it’s not very clear cut… While people appear to know what it’s for, the actual origin of the award doesn’t seem to be known by anyone. Furthermore, there is no clear way to actually “win”; each nominee seems to be a winner in their own right- making it less of an award and more of a chain letter or meme (as I’ve seen it described by others). To top it off, Google turns up at least 4 different options (“rules”) through which to participate- though this blog claims to have the official 2016 rules.


In the blogging world, the Liebster Award is [an] online recognition given by bloggers to other new bloggers for enjoying or valuing their work. It is meant to highlight and credit favorite new up and coming blogs within our writing community.

Jen There, Done That

However confusing it is, I am honored to be nominated by such a wonderful woman!

A Sweet and Delicate Thing and A Glorious Beauty are just the two most recent incarnations of my WordPress blogging. I’ve been blogging on WordPress since 2012 or so, and I’ve had too many blogs to count at this point; until recently, I had a hard time making up my mind concerning what to blog about! But Elsie deciding to move her own blog to WordPress was my own nail in the coffin, so to speak. It set my own gears into motion and made me get more involved in my own blogging again.

I couldn’t thank her enough for it… So without further ado, I should probably answer her questions!

Where on this planet would you wish to live if you could choose?

I always say that I’d like to live somewhere like Ireland. While it’s certainly beautiful, I don’t honestly think I could live anywhere outside of the American South. It has its pitfalls, and in several areas we could strive to do better… But ultimately I love the rich culture and tradition here, and our emphasis on history and where we come from. The food is amazing to boot.

I simply don’t think I’d survive anywhere else! In fact, I’ve tried it and it didn’t work out.

Do you have a favorite planet? Which one?

I find them fascinating and mind blowingly amazing. But I looked for over an hour at different information on planets to see if one in particular would strike a fancy… And none really did. So I think I can safely say that I genuinely don’t have an attachment to any one of them.

What is your favorite method of travel?

Travel is a toss up between Flight and Car. I love Road Trips and they’re some of the best memories I have from my younger days… But i’ll admit that not a whole lot of things really beats seeing the landscape from high above it. It’s tough to choose which one is my favorite, though, because they both have their perks.

Do you have a special connection with any of your animals, or house mates?

My Husband would be the obvious choice, but since it’s that obvious I’ll choose my cat, Myra. She and I can almost always be found cuddling on the couch, and she’s usually the first to respond to my emotional distress out of all the animals. The irony is that she was the cat my Husband picked out for himself!

Favorite Author?

Sarah Addison Allen. Hands down, she writes some of the most charming books I have had the pleasure of reading. That being said, though, none of her books actually make it on my favorite books list.

What is your least favorite music genre?

Years ago I’d have said Country was my least favorite. But at this point, I think the number of Country songs that I like outweighs the number of Rap songs that I am impressed by.

What kind of car or truck do you drive?

We recently purchased a 2015 Jeep Patriot, and I cannot tell you how glad I am of the upgrade. It’s a wonderful car!

If you could only wear one color for the rest of your life, what color would it be?

Pink- and my mother would drop dead of a Heart Attack if she ever heard me admit it. But the truth is that my wardrobe is slowly being consumed by the color and I can’t quite say that I’m opposed to it.

Do you dye your hair?

I used to dye it quite frequently, but I am rather proud to say that I haven’t dyed my hair in over a year now. That, however, may change eventually; who knows what the future of hair holds in the Boyett Household!

Now, at this point I am supposed to nominate my own blogs. Unfortunately I don’t follow very many that qualify for nomination (or very many at all, to be honest), so the list is going to be quite sparse. For that, I apologize.

First is Nyxx from The Dragon’s Library. Hearing about her family’s antics always has me rolling with laughter. Her posts definitely brighten my day- and without her my Husband and I wouldn’t have been able to have such a wonderful ceremony for our Wedding last year. She deserves all of the love.

I also have to nominate Katja, who runs both A Golden Glow and La Sorcière des Forêts. She hasn’t written much, but it has been so wonderful to see her own journey when she does post.

And should they choose to accept the nomination, my questions for them are the following:

  1. Why do you blog and how did you get started?
  2. If you could accomplish one thing with your blog, what would it be?
  3. What unique thing do you think you bring to the blogging community?
  4. What do you think is the most defining thing about yourself?
  5. If you could do one thing for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Happy blogging!

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