Shrine Room Renovations

Talking about our home renovations with a friend not too long ago led to the realization that I was missing a room; that I actually hadn’t shared all of the renovations throughout the course of the process.

The room in question is a small, closet-like room that was added onto our house by the previous owners. It used to be the owner’s bedroom when she had housemates who required more space than she did, but now it functions as my personal religious space.

This is what it looked like packing all of my supplies and immediately after moving in. It was a bit of a mess for the longest time; it flopped around between usable Shrine Room to storage area while we were getting unpacked- which also involved a lot of getting rid of things we didn’t need or which wouldn’t fit in the house.

Some minimal work has been done, but nothing terribly large… When we initially purchased the house, there was no light in the room. Instead, there were just two outlet sockets so we replaced one socket with a light fixture and left the other in tact. Other than that, I made a minute effort to paint the room at one point but ran out of steam after just one wall; moving the furniture on my own was too much, and so the other walls have remained unpainted.

It hasn’t undergone any real renovations during the course of our ownership, however. The primary changes have come mostly through the various ways the room has been arranged over the last year. It underwent the largest overhaul just a few days ago, even.

The book shelf was moved in and one of the original Shrine Cabinets became much needed bathroom storage back in October when we adopted our new four-legged family member (Whisper), but the room was pretty much a mess. I pulled every single item out of the room except the large furniture, and rearranged it to flow a bit better height wise- and hide the unsightly plywood we still haven’t found a use for. After that, I went through every single item I pulled out of the room and downsized my old 5 drawer plastic container into just 3 drawers- buying a new bin to store in in since the old one was warped from my various moves since 2008 and hardly did the job anymore. I’ve kept tweaking it here and there since then- like the addition of a filing cabinet and moving the mini fridge- plus covering the drafty door with a blanket.

Honestly, this is by far my favorite room in the house. It feels so serene and calm; like a little oasis. I don’t talk about my faith a whole lot, but I imagine this is what Church feels like for most people. I can’t wait to finally get all of the walls painted and get the room exactly how I want it. For now, though, it’s one step closer!



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