A Personal Vintage Wardrobe Update

Warning: This post contains a NSFW image of Undergarments in relation to Vintage Wardrobes. If you are uncomfortable with or do not with to see this sort of content, please do not click the “Read More”.

It has been a while since I made any updates concerning my wardrobe and purchases- and since I’m talking about how to redo your wardrobe this week I figured it was high time I did so!

I actually haven’t made many purchases- though I’ve certainly made more than I care to admit. But during the last trip to my favorite Antique Mall, I managed to snag a few good finds, though: One beautiful pair of white 1950’s gloves with embroidered detail on the wrist ($18; the same seller has over a hundred pairs and I fully plan on getting a few more!), as well as a 1960’s faux fur coat ($15), and a petticoat which needs some TLC ($20).

Online purchases include a Heartbreaker dress which I purchased used with tags from a good friend of mine (along with a Wiggle dress which unfortunately did not fit). The big buys online for me recently, though, were proper Garter ($25; Crown Foundations), and I also finally invested in a pair of stockings from Dita von Teese’s new line ($15; via Secrets in Lace.

Additionally, my old heels met with a bit of a disaster by way of the recent four legged addition to our family. I picked them up for $6 from a Resell shop in Oklahoma City more than a few years ago now and planned on replacing them eventually anyways… So all in all, I actually couldn’t be too angry about it. I replaced them rather quickly- opting for two identical pairs of adorable heels from Brinley Co. ($40 total); one pair in brown and another in black.

I can’t tell you how wonderful they (the stockings specifically) are, either. I bought the lowest end option just for a test run, but I am so unbelievably impressed with the quality.

The only thing I don’t like about them is the lack of color options. Ideally, a good pair of stockings should match your skin tone as closely as possible, and the only “skin” color available is Coffee- which is a tad too dark for me with how much I avoid the sun lately. I could stand to have a shade lighter, but it’s just not an option with her line at the moment… Then again, if I would stop avoiding the sun like a Vampire they would actually closely match my natural skin color. Alas, I am too much of a recluse at the moment.

However, I do plan on doing a few bleach tests with them to see if there is a viable way to lighten their color without affecting the quality or stability of the garment. If or when I do so, I will certainly publicize the results for those who (like me) find them too dark for their own skin.

The shoes, too, are incredibly comfortable and well made. This is surprising considering that quality, fit, and accuracy of items is always such a gable when buying online. But still, these greatly exceeded my expectations. They are relatively accurate in terms of reproduction, too, despite not actually being billed as a reproduction item; the fit, style, and silhouette- though a bit modernized- are all in line with a good pair of 1940’s heels. I definitely suggest them for anyone who wants cheaper, more modern option to vintage shoes.

As for the Garter, it’s certainly not a reproduction item- though it is still classifiably Vintage regardless; as far as I can tell through research, the old stock listed on the page comes mostly from the 1970’s era or after. However, it does its work well- and it is what I feel can be considered extremely high quality for the price.

If you order one yourself, though, I do want to caution that they are a bit tight (what with being shapewear and all). I would recommend getting at least one size up from what you would normally wear, unless you feel as if you really need some extra “help”… And remember, dears… Your panties should go on over your Garter Belt, not under it.

Overall, it really has been a decent couple of months for investments. Here are some of my favorite outfits so far; these aren’t all of the outfits that I can put together, of course, but I got tired halfway through and decided I was going to have to edit enough as it were. These are certainly some of them, however!

With the exception of a corset (which I still sorely need to invest in), each one is worn with proper foundations: The Stockings, Garter Belt, and Petticoat- as well as the heels. The Bra and Panties, however, are obviously Modern.

Next up I’ll be investing in shirts. The tank tops and other shirts that I have left over from my old wardrobe are good enough for the moment- and I am sure they’ll be nice come Oklahoma Summer… But it would still be nice to wear something other than tank tops with these skirts for a change.



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