A Little Rainy Day Photography

With Spring arriving, our first storm of the season finally hit. It wasn’t one of those glorious Thunderstorms that Oklahoma is known for, but it gave us a good go there for a little bit. When the skies finally dried up I had a bit of a romp around with the Camera.

Very few people know about my photographic exploits. I take a lot of pictures for Instagram, sure, but my real Photography is simply not something that I shared much of until relatively recently; I’ve been exploring Photography since I was  Freshman in High School, but I’ve never actually owned a camera of my own. Instead, I’ve always borrowed cameras from my Adopted Father whenever I wanted to (I’m one of the few people on this planet other than his Wife that’s allowed to even touch them). After a while I just gave it up due to the lack of my own equipment.

This month, though, I borrowed my Adopted Father’s FujiFilm FinePix S4400 for a project of mine that I needed photographs for. Tired of borrowing them, I offered to simply buy it off of him. Instead of selling it, though, he made me a deal: Work for him when he needed me to, and the FujiFilm would be considered on near permanent “loan”. Because of that it’s certainly a hobby that I’ve dove head first into once more.

With my camera in hand (and a new found love of Macro Photography thanks to it) I am beyond ready for Spring to be here. Today gave me the perfect opportunity for the photographic adventure that I have been craving lately. So I set out to find things to photograph.Because Oklahoma’s Spring Weather is relatively unpredictable, though, this time I didn’t stray too far from my own back yard; if the sky turned sour again I wanted to be able to dash back into the house without much risk to the camera.

Still, there was plenty to capture; my Lilac bushes that we planted last year are turning green, the Dead Nettle is already sprouting up in full force, my yard seems to have become overtaken with Ferns that I didn’t even know existed, the clover has started consuming my yard, the Redbuds have some pink on them, the snails are emerging thanks to the rain, and plenty of puddles provided the opportunity for experimentation and interesting effects. I couldn’t pick just one thing to photograph, so I tried my hand at it all instead.

Macro Photography has proven to be very challenging so far… But it has also proven to be incredibly worthwhile. I’d be a liar if I said I wasn’t falling in love with the way that it make me approach things; it reminds me that life doesn’t always have to be overanalyzed- and that beauty can truly be found in the mixture of both simplicity and the finer details of an object. And after today, I am more than excited to get out on a real hike this year and see where the Camera takes me.

Signature Blue

The Banner Image for this post was provided by StockSnap; the Banner Image for the main site is my own work.


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