My Daily Household Routine

There is no denying the fact that the single most important and determining key to having a well kept Home is having an efficient Schedule for its maintenance and upkeep. Without a good schedule, Homes become Messes quite easily; without having a good schedule, even our personal lives can easily become messy as well.

My own personal, daily schedule is a mishmash of everything from standard Household Maintenance to Hobbies, and even a Work from Home Profession- and as a perpetual Night Owl I tend to sleep between the hours of 6 am and 12 pm (noon). So keeping that tidbit of information in mind, this is what my usual daily routine looks like!

At 4:30 am, My Husband’s alarm goes off to signal that it is time for him to begin getting ready for work. At this point I will start his coffee and make our breakfast while he sleepily (and adorably) dresses himself and sits down.

We then proceed to spend the next half hour eating and enjoying each other’s company. Since he dreams (and remembers his dreams) more frequently than I do, I usually get to hear some interesting and entertaining stories about what he dreamed that night- and he gets to hear about how my night went and the interesting things that happened (on the internet, with the pets, and so one) while he was asleep.

By 5 am, he has usually eaten, completed half of his Coffee, and is working on his second cigarette- after which he usually finishes getting ready for work while I make his lunch; his lunch is usually leftovers from the night before that have already been placed away in Tupperware ready for me to slip them into his lunch pail along with a canned drink for him, but occasionally he will only want sandwiches and I’ll make them at this point.

If I am tired when he is finished, he will usually tuck me into bed and rub my back for a bit while I fall asleep. If I am not, then we usually sit on the couch and talk some more before he has to leave for work finally: Usually leaving only after an exchanged flurry of kisses and I love you’s, and my warnings to “be safe, be careful, and message me when you get there please!”. And if I am still awake at this point, I will wait up until he reaches work and messages me to let me know that he is safe before finally tucking myself into bed for my own “night’s sleep”.

When I awake between 10 and noon, I do some of the basic initial tasks. On most days the bed gets made, the bedroom picked up, and the curtains and windows systematically opened around the House in order to let the light and air in (though opening the Windows is not done very often in the Winter for obvious reasons). If I feel up to it, I’ll get dressed and do my Makeup- turning on my computer, starting myself a Cappuccino, pulling out the ingredients that need to defrost for dinner, and feeding the Pets as I pass through the House to do so.

Once finished, I sit at my computer with my Cappuccino and check my Social Media notifications and make any responses while I finish waking up. After that it’s work! First art for an hour- usually a small doodle or completing a picture I worked on during the night if I had started one. Then writing for an hour- usually a blog post, working on one of my many Solo writing projects, or a collaboration. Depending on the project of choice for the day, however, I may switch back and forth between Art and Writing, or even hunting the web for inspiration.

I say this usually takes about 2 hours, but in reality the time limit is an hour minimum. More often than not I will lose track of the time and wind up doing one or the other- or sometimes both- for quite a few hours straight before realizing what time it is. I try to always take a break at noon or 1 pm, however- if I managed to wake up before then.

And at all points I try to keep in contact with my Husband, who usually messages me on his Lunch and other Breaks to share stories how how each of our days are going so far, talk about dinner with me if I haven’t made a Meal Plan that week, or see if there are any items he needs to pick up on his way home. Getting to hear from him throughout the day while he’s at work is one of the highlights of my day, personally.

Around 3 pm I will usually complete what House Work that I can. What I do generally varies by the day and what needs doing, but the basics are to usually pick up the Livingroom and Bathroom and put general items where they belong. I also always try to do one load of dishes, or at least start them in to soak if I can. Other than that, I clean the cat box if it needs cleaning, sweep if it needs sweeping, mop, and so on; basic domestic duties.

My Husband never has a set “off” time at work, so the rest of the time is spent leisurely, doing whatever it is I want to do. Sometimes that is painting Skulls, occasionally it’s work in the Shrine Room, sometimes I may do a traditional painting or traditional sketching, go for a walk, binge watch Netflix, play a Video Game, or whatever else I can think up which seems entertaining enough at the time.

When he does get off work, he messages me to let me know he’s on his way. I’ll remind him, at this point, of any items he needs to pick up for the House and he will usually ask me if I’d like anything non-essential from the gas station where he always stops on his way Home. After that conversation, I will usually start dinner for us so that it will be ready not long after he gets home. Sometimes, though, I will wait until he is home if he had to pick up any items for the meal. Other times he will express that he just wants to relax first, so I’ll wait to start dinner when he is ready for it.

While I’m making dinner, he will usually help if there is anything I need help with. As I cook, we usually sit in the kitchen and catch up on one another’s day, how their health is holding up, an dhow their emotional state is doing. If I am waiting to cook dinner until after he is hungry, then this happens in the Livingroom instead.

We sit and eat together when Dinner is finished and plated. Most times this includes an episode or two of one of our favorite shows. After Dinner is consumed, the plates have been taken back, and the leftovers are packed away in the fridge we will usually snuggle up on the couch together and watch more of our shows. Sometimes he’ll ask if I’m ok with him playing Video Games, though, and he’ll play those instead- which I enjoy watching and helping him with because I am much more of a casual back seat player than I am a Gamer myself. Sometimes, though, I’ll scroll through Tumblr or read a book while he plays instead, my feet strewn across his lap.

Then once more it’s 9 pm again and time for him to go to sleep. I’ll tuck him into bed and wish him sweet dreams- sometimes even cuddle with him until he falls asleep if that’s what he wants.

Then it’s back to the Livingroom again for me for the night. During this time a lot can happen. Occasionally I will catch up on my personal shows that he doesn’t enjoy watching with me, or I’ll work on a Word Press post, do some religious and archaeological studies, or run around on Tumblr. Mostly, however, I usually end up binge watching YouTube videos like an addict- and the next thing I know it’s 4:30 am again and time for the day to begin!

Things change a little, however, on his days off.

Around 4:30 am I will go to sleep instead since I don’t have to do anything that early on those days. He will usually wake up around 6 am regardless and, knowing that I am just asleep, quietly sneak out of the room to have his own alone time- whatever that entails for him (usually Video Games with the volume on low so as not to wake me).

When he gets too hungry to snack, he will usually quietly cook breakfast for us then wake me up to eat with him. These are my favorite mornings because he is usually so proud of himself for not waking me up- either because he needed help or because he was being too loud. He loves to let me sleep in on his days off(his days off are my days off, and are our days together as a couple), and is always so proud and happy when he accomplishes that- especially because he loves the face I make when he wakes me up to breakfast in bed.

After Breakfast, we’ll go out, pay any bills that need paying and run any errands that we need to. If we have plans like Hiking, we’ll do those, too. Then for the rest of the day we usually lounge around the house doing nothing, talking, enjoying each other’s company, rough housing, playing with the dog, watching shows, or playing Video Games together.

If I have a dinner planned, at some point when we get Hungry I’ll cook. Most days, though, it ends up being a Fend-For-Yourself or leftover sort of night- or we’ll go out to eat or order in if we’re feeling particularly lazy… After which more shenanigans ensue until he or I are tired and ready for bed.

That, in a nut shell, is my average day- and I love it and wouldn’t change it for the world if I could help it. I am even luckier a woman that I am able to share and live this life with the support and companionship of such an amazing and caring Husband; my Husband and I are coming up on our One Year Wedding Anniversary and I couldn’t be happier with the partner that I have chosen to spend the rest of my life with… I enjoy what I do, I enjoy being able to do it for him, and I am incredibly privileged to live this life.



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