My Adventures in Lush

When I left Tulsa almost 3 years ago, now, there were a lot of stores still under construction at the Woodland Hills Mall- my favorite to shop at in the Tulsa area. I’ve only been back to Tulsa a few times since leaving, but this time I was excited to see that a Lush store had opened up in one of the areas that had previously been under renovation. 

The week I went to Robber’s Cave State Park, I had the opportunity to try a couple of their products that a friend had gotten me as a gift. I didn’t love their bath bombs, but I did fall in love with their Massage Bars. Since I only just used the last of it, I wanted to pop in quickly and replace it.

Turns out you can’t really “pop in” to a store you’ve never been in when you’re a beauty and skincare buff. I wound up walking out with only 3 things- and a wallet about $35 lighter… But after using the products I can definitely say that what I bought was worth the money.

I replaced the Soft Coeur / Honeymooner Massage Bar– one of the items Kelsci had given me. I loved it so much that I practically cried when I finally ran out of it. So the second I saw that the store at Woodland Hills had it, I snagged it again; I’m pretty sure that it’s going to be a staple in my skin care now. It just makes my skin feel so soft- with the added bonus of not making other parts of my face too oily since I have combination skin.

The nice lady (with an absolutely gorgeous shade of Teal hair, I might add) who came over offered to show me how their Body Butter and Scrub Bars were used- because I am a complete newbie to Lush and mentioned that. She used their Buffy Body Butter and Scrub Bar on my skin as an example and I fell in absolute love with the effects. I wasn’t keen on the scent, though, so I snagged their The Rough With The Smooth Body Scrub Bar instead as it smelled the nicest. I used it in the shower after we got home from Tulsa and my skin has never felt better. Even hours later I can still smell it, too.

And last but not least, my favorite because I am a sucker for anything with Roses: I snagged their Rosy Cheeks Face Mask. I haven’t used it yet but it’s exactly the texture that I love my masks to be… Thick and mud-like. I also know from past experience that Rose and Kaolin are some of the better products that I’ve used on my skin individually when compared to anything else I’ve ever used. Having a mask with both seemed like a good beauty investment. However, it was the most expensive item I bought (ringing in at $12 and some change) so it will also likely be something that I only use on my most pampering of Pamper days.

And my experience with the store was great, too. I hear a lot of people who used to work at Lush saying that they encourage their sales people to be really pushy, but I didn’t feel like they were; they weren’t pushy about their products, but if they saw you eyeballing something specific they’d offered their help. Overall I found the Employees were nice and happy to answer any questions I had or explain how things worked.

I’m not too happy with the fact that 3 items cost me $35, but I’m also a pretty cheap woman and I find it hard to justify spending what I feel are exorbitant prices on beauty products. But that being said? All in all I am happy- and rather impressed- with what I bought. So far it is proving to be worth the price of the products, and I’ll likely be repurchasing the items again as soon as I run out of them.

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