Yearly Objectives

A Year in Review: 2015 Goals

This year was absolutely chaotic. So many things happened so fast that the whole year genuinely seems like a blur now. But how did I do? What changed? Did I make any of my goals? Important questions require answers!

Fitness & Health

  • Establish a regular exercise routine
  • Get to my goal weight of 120 pounds
  • Capable of lifting 160 pounds
  • Get back into Yoga and Bellydancing
  • Go Hiking 3 times this year
  • Go Camping 3 times this year
  • Go Swimming 3 times this year
  • Purchase a Fitbit Surge
  • Quit smoking for good finally
  • Do better at staying hydrated

I failed absolutely miserably at the Fitness goals that I set for myself this year; establish an exercise routine? That was a no. Yoga and Belly Dancing? Never happened. And as I’m currently sick I can’t test my lift to see whether or not its improved. I can tell you, however, that 160 pounds is certainly out of the question. In fact, I don’t think I’ve managed to work out even once since my Husband and I moved into our new house. We genuinely did try to quit smoking, though… It never happened, but we did try. I also did do a lot better at staying hydrated and it wasn’t until the last two months that I started to lapse on that one.

Swimming and Camping were unavailable this year. We had severe floods throughout the state during the early and mid portions of it. As a result, all of the Camping Grounds and Swim Beaches were closed until it was too late in the season. When they did finally re-open we were having minor car trouble, it was too cold or rainy the weekends we set aside (ruining our plans), or neither of us could get the weekend off work. I did manage to complete my Hiking goal early on in the year, however (You can read about my hikes here).

Despite doing poorly on the goals overall, though, I did manage to lose a bit of weight. I started the year off at 165 pounds and am ending it at 145. That’s 20 pounds gone, at the very least- halfway to the goal I set. I expect that it was due to being on my feet more while I was working during this year. Speaking of work, the Fitbit was also never purchased- which is a shame as I was very much looking forward to that amazing little piece of technology. Still, there were more important things I had to put my income towards, such as paying off a small loan and buying a new Fridge.

Food & Home

  • Establish a regular cooking schedule
  • Eat out less often; Cook more often
  • Begin Meal Prep schedule again
  • Try 1 new thing a week
  • Take a cooking class if available
  • Work on completing Cookbook
  • Study Household Management
  • Create a household schedule
  • Become better at completing chores

This year we did lax on the Meal Plans and Eating Out a bit more than we should have. We did manage to keep it at a minimum, but all things considered this year was hectic with both of us working so much so often; the first month after we moved in we ate delivery Pizza quite often, and while I worked we ate at my establishment even more since I was unable to cook at that point.

In between those two points I did cook surprisingly often when I wasn’t working. It hasn’t been until the last month, however, that I have finally had enough time and energy to establish a cooking routine and get back into the swing of things. Since then, however, we have definitely kept to the goal of trying 1 new thing a week.Cooking classes, though, were unavailable in our area. As it turns out, a small town in Oklahoma is not the most optimal place to find things like this.

And as for my Cookbook? That’s going strong; I’ve managed to copy down most of my original recipes as well as create a few new ones. It’s far from where I want it to be, but I did work on it pretty regularly this year. I’ve also read so many books about Household Management this year that I could virtually be a walking encyclopedia for it at this point. Among my favorites have been Home Economics: Vintage Advice and Practical Science for the 21st-Century Household by Jennifer McKnight-Trontz,  Mrs. Dunwoody’s Excellent Instructions for Homekeeping: Timeless Wisdom and Practical Advice by Miriam Lukken, and 31 Days to Clean – Having a Martha House the Mary Way by Sarah Mae.

With all the books I’ve read, though, you would expect me to have created a Household Schedule and stuck with it. Unfortunately, while I certainly made one it wasn’t kept in the slightest. Instead I’m still trying to put my home back together after being unable to clean it thanks to work combined with Chronic Fatigue… And yet I have gotten better at completing my chores in a timely manner and there are some routines that I have managed to keep at well. It’s not perfect, but it’s an improvement.

Appearance & Beauty

  • Establish a regular beauty routine
  • Invest in higher quality makeup
  • Pamper myself once a week
  • Dress nicer on average, when able
  • Invest in higher quality beauty items
  • Wear Makeup more often

Like with the Fitbit Surge, investing in higher quality makeup wasn’t an option either. On the upside, I did begin wearing makeup more often again. I also had a beauty routine established, but unfortunately it fell by the wayside when I started my job; it’s incredibly hard to come up with- let alone be happy to complete– a Beauty routine when all you have available is a shower with cruddy water pressure. Hopefully we’ll remedy that next year. But as a result I certainly wasn’t pampering myself once a week like I had wanted to- or doing much of anything else in that department, for that matter.

I did make several higher quality clothing purchases this year, though- all of which were Vintage Reproductions that I’m very happy with. As a result of having a wardrobe that is more tailored to my aesthetic preferences, I am indeed dressing up most days. So while I failed in the beauty department, I certainly didn’t fail in the clothing one.

Creative Pursuits

  • Take a Pottery Class if one is available
  • Draw one Tattoo a month
  • Draw one non-Tattoo a month
  • Draw one fashion design a month
  • Knit and / or Crochet more often
  • Get better at sewing
  • Learn to sew Lingerie
  • Learn Embroidery and Beading

I ended up not having the time, resources, or materials to do any form of needlecrafting this year- which means that beading, sewing, knitting, and all of that… just never happened; aabout the closest I have been lucky enough to get to a needle was hemming my Parents’ Roommates pants for him and altering my DressLily purchase.

Like with cooking, Poetry Classes simply weren’t available; I tried to contact the few Art groups in our area to no avail. I also didn’t draw this much due to not having much time. The beginning of the year was an exception to this, however, and I did add quite a few smaller pieces to my portfolio. Most of my Art, though, was concentrated on The Sisters Grimmoire and The Witches’ Cupboard. With that said, the focus on those did mean that I was drawing once a month- just not a full art piece.

Self Improvement

  • Study Etiquette and Manners
  • Become better at putting it into practice
  • Become better at cursing less often
  • Speak less, listen more
  • Work on becoming less “Snobbish”
  • Work on becoming less “Judgmental”
  • Work on becoming less “Abrasive”
  • Or at least work on vocalizing it less often

I haven’t studied Etiquette and Manners as much as I would have liked this year. Instead my focus has largely been on Homemaking and Cooking since we set up our Household. I did manage to put a bit of what I learned into practice, though, and I notice that I am holding my tongue more often in certain circumstances that I would normally come out with guns blazing.

I still curse like a sailor, however. Maybe not in my writing online, but certainly in real life. I don’t think this is honestly going to change. Speaking less is also not something that has happened- but I have gotten much better at not interrupting others when they speak and I listen more actively now.

As for being less abrasive, judgmental, and snobbish… That is also a no– though I certainly do vocalize it less now thanks to that whole “speak less” goal. Ultimately, however? I have my standards, I like my standards, and I am not giving them up. If that makes me snobbish or judgmental to others then so be it.  I’ve come to terms with that, at least.

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