2016 Goals for Self Improvement

Every year I set goals for myself at the start- and at the end, I evaluate how I did and see what I can improve on for the next year. So what do I want to accomplish for 2016? Keep reading to find out!


  • Establish a regular exercise routine and stick with it
  • Lose 20 pounds; get to my goal weight of 120
  • Get back into Yoga at the very least
  • Go Hiking at least 5 times this year
  • Go Camping at least once this year
  • Go Swimming at least twice this year
  • Purchase a Fitbit Surge


  • Quit smoking for good by June at the latest
  • Do better at staying hydrated
  • Look into getting all of my teeth pulled for dentures
  • Go see a primary care physician for a checkup and ask about my Asthma


  • Try at least one new thing a week
  • Use my Cookbook collection more often
  • Look into going back to VoTech for Culinary?
  • OR Participate in the GBBO Challenge
  • OR Participate in Baking Bootcamp (rules)


  • Establish a morning appearance routine and stick with it
  • Pamper myself at least once a week with something small
  • Remember to moisturize regularly
  • Complete The Refine Challenge


  • Focus more on blouse and shoe purchases this year as opposed to skirts and dresses


  • Draw at least one art piece a month
  • Get better at sewing; learn to sew Lingerie
  • Learn Embroidery and Beading


  • Take a writing class
  • Refine my writing and blogging
  • Blog more frequently on both blogs
  • Journal more


  • Publish the 5th Edition of The Lavender Herbal (now retitled “A Verdant Introduction”)
  • Write and publish The Sisters Grimmoire Volume II
  • Write and publish The Witches’ Cupboard Volume II (actual title to be determined)
  • Work on completing and publishing my own Cookbook
  • Publish at least one solo book this year from my “Writing“, “Brainstorming“, or “Backburner“groups



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