Winterizing Our Household

Winter is coming! As much as we associate that phrase with Game of Thrones, however, I am talking about the season.

Temperatures began plummeting a few weeks ago and only seem to be getting colder. The temperatures are regularly below freezing point at night, now- and some weeks the day time temperatures aren’t much better. We even had a short period where we had a minor ice storm. While the pictures were beautiful, I am simply not a fan of the cold.

This is my Husband and I’s first Winter in the house and we had a lot to do to make it through the Winter.

First things first, we are in need of a heater. The house does have one, of course. It is one of those strange, 70’s looking wall heaters that run the total height of the wall and stick out disastrously. Unfortunately we cannot use it as there is no space to safely allow the heat to disperse. This house was not build for modern furniture and ours certainly takes up too much room.

On another note, we also do not know its condition. This alone makes us skittish to light the pilot and give it a go. Items from certain eras were made better than modern items in a lot of cases, but a potential fire is not something we want to risk- especially not given the fact that there is not enough safe space around the heater.

We opted for an electric heater instead and purchased a Pelonis brand Ceramic Tower Heater.

Can I rave about this little beast for a second? It has been amazing. If you have a bigger space that is too small for personal heater (like this) to do the trick, but is too small a space to warrant a larger model such as a radiator style heater (like this or this)- or if you simply need something that won’t be obtrusive- then this is definitely a product for you. We’re not sure about the square footage of our house at the moment, but even this little thing is more than enough to keep the chill at bay throughout the whole house so long as it is stationed at the right place.

The heater did not work that well for us at first, however. It turns out that our Windows needed to be resealed- a step we managed to skip during the renovations.

This was an easy fix, however, since a caulking gun and waterproof silicone caulk did the trick. It took about twenty minutes and two tubes to seal every pane in the house. Even if you do not think your windows need to be resealed, I would highly suggest sealing them with at least a thin, new coat of your choice of sealant before Winter is in full force. There was a noticeable difference in temperature as soon as we sealed the first one and several times I would reseal a window that looked fine enough only to notice a draft suddenly disappear upon its completion.

The last step was to attempt to fix the back door. The room it is in, however, is an addon to the house and it isn’t very well built. As a result, there are several gaps where the door does not meet the frame as it should. My Husband reset the hinges on it to help, but it still needs weather stripping. Unfortunately, I tried that during the peak of summer and it did not work with that particular door. Until we can find a solution, we reinstalled the door that originally blocked that room off from the rest of the house.

A Thermal curtain was also installed in the doorway between the Kitchen and Living area. It isn’t a necessity since the heater does a fine job warming the whole house, but it does save us on heating costs. The back of the house can be warmed through baking or running the dryer- two things we do regularly. This means we can use the heater to warm the Bedroom and Living area and requires us to run it less, ultimately saving us a little on electricity.

Thankfully we have not discovered any other problems with the house, so our Winterizing was a short and simple process. With the few problems we have with the house, it was certainly nice to have something go right for us for once!Signature


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