Airing it all Out (of the House)

Today is windy; According to the weather index, it is a bright and sunny 69°F with a gusty south by south west wind averaging between 26 and 45 mph- all thanks in part to a storm nicknamed “The November Witch“.

Whisper, the newest four-legged addition to our family, isn’t quite sure how to deal with the wind and has been hiding in her kennel most the day. I however, and enjoying it immensely because it is the perfect time to air the house out- though when you feel your house rock from a strong gust it can be a little disconcerting!

My morning routine usually includes waking up and making the bed, then turning the covers down and opening all of the widows and curtains to let air and sunlight in. I spend most days in my house with the windows open and the curtains drawn back, in fact. Most people I encounter seem to think of this as a strange quirk of mine- and my Husband loathes it as he would (admittedly) rather live in a dark caves. There is, however, a method and reason to my madness.

My house sits on a corner lot with no neighbors to the west except an open field. Additionally, the windows in my house face north and west, with only three facing a different direction. While floor plan and location of the house gives me an absolutely amazing sunset view that I have plans to monopolize on to the fullest of my ability, it has additional benefits as well: Creating the perfect wind tunnel and ensuring that every room gets the perfect amount of light and air.

This is important to me, because fresh air and sunlight is good for a house. You see, houses are their own little ecosystems, but because of their closed off nature they need outside sources to refresh themselves. If they are not refreshed regularly (especially the air), it can lead to negative things for the occupants of the home- problems such as lethargy, headaches, respiratory infections, and more; indoor air quality is often far worse than that of the outdoors (except in smog filled areas) because there is no dilution of the things which build up in it, and no recycling of fresh air.

If done correctly, airing out the home recycles the used, spent air that accumulates, and helps to freshen up the environment indoors. Sunlight, too, is known for killing germs and naturally sterilizing the environment. If you sit in front of the open window in a direct beam of light even for a few minutes, it also helps in getting you a decent dose of Vitamin D- something very important for our immune systems as well as our skin health.

Generally speaking the sight of an open window (or the view from that window) is usually also psychologically uplifting. For people like me who often have a hard time getting motivated or finding the energy to do the house work, something as simple as opening the windows and curtains is also a very good way to reinvigorate yourself…. Unless, of course, you have sunlight or other allergies- and if that is the case, my heart genuinely goes out to you.

So any day you wake up, open the curtains and a few windows. Even if just for a little bit, if you do so it is a good possibility that you will see your mood, energy, and even the pleasantness of your environment increase!


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