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Reviewing: Declutter Your Home

Declutter Your Home: organized and clutter-free home while applying just 6 simple rules” authored by Emilia Kronenberger

tumblr_njo4vjShBO1u7g63jo1_1280There are so many problems with the book that- like with many others of its type- I DNF’d it after a couple short chapters and went on with my life fairly quickly.

It is remarkably short at only 20 pages- 4 of which are made up with an unnecessary cover image, the legalese, and the Table of Contents, 2 of which are the “introduction”, and another 1 which is titled “What Next” and is a very paltry conclusion to the book (leaving only 13 pages total useful in any format).

Personally, I have a large problem with materials under 70 pages being marketed as “books”- let alone being sold for any money, regardless of whether or not this one was a measly $0.99 on Amazon. The shortness of it may not bother me as much, however, if they were actually useful in a manner other than being common sense in the most simpleminded ways possible.

And, oh! Are they so unbelievably simplistic… Where there was plenty of opportunity to expound upon the various tips, offer clear instructions, step-by-steps, and more, this book had none of that; there is no real elaboration or greater detail concerning anything mentioned by the book. If I’m being bluntly honest, the content is short enough and simplistic enough that I feel it belongs in and is more well suited for a blog post on the internet, not a “book” on Amazon.

Another problem I had was the sheer lack of editing. The author perfectly demonstrates their capacity to use English so I don’t think this is a case of someone writing in a language that is not their native tongue… But the words are jumbled all around and many things are repeated; there are flaws in sentence structure, there are flaws in vocabulary, and there are flaws everywhere else as well. It is written in a ridiculously incoherent manner that greatly lessens the enjoyment and usefulness of the book in my opinion.

Now I understand all too well that mistakes often make it through the editing process unnoticed. I have had this problem in many of my own books and it is genuinely impossible to get a perfectly edited product. However, there certainly is a limit as to how many errors your book can contain before you can no longer claim it was edited at all. Declutter Your Home surpasses this limit, and does so in the very first chapter alone.

Overall, I still have to give this book at least two stars. Despite its problems, it does have great common sense advice that proves itself to be useful in many ways. The problem with this book is that I just couldn’t get past the sheer number of problems that I found with it in the first place.

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