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Reviewing: 31 Days to Clean

31 Days to Clean: Having a Martha House the Mary Way” authored by Sarah Mae

tumblr_njo4vjShBO1u7g63jo2_1280Lately I have been struggling with staying motivated to upkeep my house appropriately, and provide a warm, welcoming environment for myself and my Husband. It goes without saying that my energy levels have dropped, my time management skills could use some work, and my motivation and drive has faltered because of it all; I am a person struggling to balance my desire for traditionalism (staying at home, being a homemaker, etc) with my desire to do what I love (be a homemaker and author), and needing supplemental income to survive (resulting in getting a day job outside of the home).

This book is phenomenal, however, and is exactly what I needed! The day by day format of the book is genuinely what I find the most pleasant and helpful about thing about it- and the Mary and Martha challenges which go along which each day’s topic makes it fun. Overall, the way in which it is structured breaks the philosophy down into bite sized and manageable bits, making it easier to balance things in between all the chaos of life.

I am especially pleased, though, with the Traditionalist undertones in the book. It did not market itself so as to make these undertones apparent, but their inclusion was both surprising and pleasant. My only real problem with the book is one that I have with many books of its nature: The emphasis on the Bible, the Abrahamic God, and faith.

As a non-Christian woman whose Traditionalism and Homemaking does not stem from biblical ideology, I have a hard time finding certain aspects of these books helpful when their foundation is set in such things. There is certainly nothing wrong with it, and I do often find these books helpful despite this… But they simply do not speak to me on the same level; I do not find the same comfort and motivation in certain parts as others would, or as they are intended.

Regardless of that fact (and its relative lack of truly in-depth material), this is definitely one book I will be keeping around for a long time to come.

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