(Another) Penpal Package

My package from the lovely Tumblr user sirenofthesevenseas came in today! She sent me a lovely necklace, a Thai Garland, some Indonesian spice packets, and a Rose Face Mask.

Of all the things in the package I was the most excited for the spice packets and the rose face mask.

Rose is one of my favorite scents and my beauty cupboard is filled to the brim with various rose scented products- from my Oxyglow Peach and Rose face Toner to my Rose Hip Face Oil. I am super excited to use the mask when I finally get my 3 day weekend this week as a little pampering is definitely needed.

Tonight I even made one of the spice packets for dinner as well. I has never tried Indonesian food before, but I was so excited to finally get the chance. I chose the Opor Ayam packet, made it according to the suggestions she included in her lovely letter, and served it over rice alongside a hardboiled egg. I forgot to take the picture before I mixed it all up, however, but it was so delicious. I look forward to trying the rest of the packages she’s sent!

The necklace is safely tucked away in my jewelry box now, but it fits perfectly around my neck at just the height that I like. I am not sure what I will wear it with as of yet, but it is a pretty piece!

The Thai Garland was added to my Home Protection and Guardian Shrine as soon as I opened the package and red her letter. In the letter she sent with the package she said

“I also got you a little Thai Flower Garland. I thoughts perhaps you could add it to one of your little Shrines. Typically they are hung around statues or around your car mirror. They are a symbol of protection and good fortune.”

As soon as I read it I knew it had to go to him. Our little House guardian is a bit too small to put it on him properly, but I made due. It is a thoughtful gift, and a beautiful addition to the Shrine along with the Kemetic Heka prosperity image that Sard made for me a while back.


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