A Penpal Package from the Phillipines

My package from the lovely Tumblr User watercolorsinsummer came in yesterday! She sent me two really pretty liquid matte lipsticks, some Mascara, a CD Pallet, and an adorable card- along with her mailing and shipping address for future letters and packages. I’m so very excited.

I definitely needed new Mascara so that was a welcome addition to the package. I really like, it, too. The formula is smooth and it does not clump up like my usual one. After using it I will more than likely be switching brands now.

The CD Pallet contains a few eye shadows and brushes and is beautifully decorated. I really love the idea of the CD Pallet and am really glad she sent the simple instruction card with it. I now want to do this to all of my eye shadows so that they take up less space- so I will definitely have to get some CD cases soon and try it myself!

The lipsticks are so much brighter in color than what I usually wear, though. This would normally put me off of them, but I have been slowly venturing out into brighter lipsticks lately anyways- so this was a huge perk of the package for me.

Formula wise they are definitely a bit stickier than anticipated, yet they do not smell bad and the stickiness is easily remedied using the sealant balm from one of my 24 Hour liquid lipsticks from another company. They really stay put, and that’s a huge bonus for me.

I adore them, and they make such a gorgeous Ombre look together as well.


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