Disaster Strikes (Again, and Again, and Again)

Being a Homeowner is a bit more rough than we anticipated; if it isn’t one thing, it’s certainly another.

The first problem was that the paperwork we had originally signed was not sufficient despite originally being told that it was. As a result we had to travel in to Ponca City, pick up the correct paperwork, pick up the previous owner, fill it all out, have it notarized, and then bring it back in to town to the utilities office. It was time consuming, but a relatively easy fix. Once we had the correct paperwork they told us the utilities would be on by the end of the day so my Husband and I went home to unpack more of our things.

It wouldn’t be until the utility company turned everything on, however, that we would realize anything was wrong.

Firstly, the bedroom light did not work. We have no idea what went wrong in the splicing process, but something apparently did. After about 20 minutes, though, the Livingroom light also stopped working, so it is definitely a problem in the splicing and rewiring job that we did. Thankfully all of the outlets are on a separate breaker, so until we can get it fixed we simply popped the breakers and are going to let it be for now.

The real fun, though, happened in the bathroom. The hot water heater is in tact and working well, but the emergency release valve apparently does not close. As a result, we flooded the water cupboard and I was stuck shuttling the outpouring water from the water heater to the toilet while we first waited on my dad to arrive and look at it, and then again while he went to pick up a cap for the part that was leaking.

We also discovered that we had no water pressure hardly anywhere in the house. After two days of messing with the kitchen sink, though, we discovered that the problem was with the faucets themselves. Between the fact that we replaced the sewage line, and the fact that the faucets had sat in the house unused for over a year, they were not only clogged with Oklahoma’s famous red dirt, but were also mineralized- which explained why the only faucet with any semblance of pressure was the bathroom one as it was one that was replaces alongside the sink during the renovation. My Husband and I purchased a new faucet for the kitchen sink and it works fine now.

Thankfully everything except the shower faucet is now fixed and operating as well as it can. Overall, though, it was definitely a hectic and stressful few days. I had no idea it was going to get worse, though; with California in one of the most severe droughts in a long while, Oklahoma and Texas have an overabundance of rain that simply won’t quit. Unfortunately it’s wasn’t looking too good for my Husband and I.

My Husband and I’s house sits at a dead end. There is only one other house on our block, and no other neighbors. It took us about two hours after the rain started before we noticed that our intersection floods rather severely. Indeed it floods to the point that our car will most certainly not make it through without flooding itself.

After more than a few days of rain, half our city (and our state) seems to be completely under water. Bridges are washing out all around us and we were genuinely worried that we may have to evacuate. What was worse, was that we do not have Home Owner’s insurance yet. In the event that our house were to flood, we would have had no way of repairing the damage- provided it wasn’t damaged beyond repair.

Thankfully the service road to the grainery behind us remained open and un-flooded, and the roads to Ponca City remained so as well. We didn’t have to evacuate in the end, but others weren’t so lucky.

I will never complain about a lack of water again. I will, however, complain about my fridge; while we were renovating the house in April, my Husband and I chose to purchase second hand appliances due to the fact that there were limited budget options. Our fridge itself was directly purchased from my young sister. It needed one very deep cleaning before we could use it, but up until recently it was working fine.

We took our usual grocery shopping trip the other day, came home, and began to put the groceries away. Suddenly the Light in the Fridge decided it no longer wished to work. We though it was just the light, but later discovered that was not the case when we went to retrieve a drink and realized the Fridge was nowhere near as cool as it should have been. As a result we spent two days eating out of an ice chest before I was able to go to the local Rent-to-Own and check on prices.

Thankfully I did find a fridge that was budget friendly for us. The model is more modern than the one that we previously had, and the price was $800 USD total. Payments averaged out to $60 USD per month and were interest free for the first 6 months of payments. I should have talked to my Husband before agreeing to it, but we needed a fridge so I made an executive decision, signed the contract, and scheduled the delivery without him- and informed him later that day.

It was not the best choice, but I could not wait until he got home from work or until his next break to talk to him about it. All in all, we can afford it- but with a second loan coming up shortly for payments we have two unexpected bills. As a result I am cutting my year long hiatus short and returning to work with my mother. It is not the most optimal situation, but the extra cash will help us pay off both the Fridge and the small loan quicker so that we are one step closer to being debt free as quickly as possible.

Here’s to hoping nothing else goes wrong!


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