Compote Adventures

It is rare that fruit is affordable in my area, so a few weeks ago when we found Blackberries, Kiwis, and all manner of fruit on sale I jumped at the chance to stock up. Unfortunately I now have a large quantity of Fruit that was going bad- so since my Husband and I like to eat a lot of Pancakes I decided to turn it all into Compote.

The were unbelievably easy to make and I do not know why I have never tried to make Compote until now!

Altogether I made three types: Strawberry with Orange; Blueberry and Cherry; and Kiwi with Lime

I simply filled up small sauce pans with cut fruit and 1-2 tbsp of juice, let it simmer until the fruit juices started coming out, then turned it up to a low-medium heat to cook. After the water began to evaporate out, I added sugar and honey depending on how much fruit was in there and the flavor of the fruit.

The Blueberry + Cherry needed the least sugar, surprisingly, and the Kiwi + Lime needed the most. The Strawberry + Orange mixture was somewhere in the middle.

Once the sugar was in, I turned the heat down to a low flame and let simmer away until began to thicken. Once finished I let them sit to cool for 2-ish minutes, put half of the mixtures in their bowls and pulsed the other half a couple times before adding it in so that the texture was smoother.

They came out so pretty. The Cherry and Blueberry one is probably the yummiest, I think. The Strawberry and Orange one tastes just like Strawberry Jelly, and the Kiwi is a bit sour but really nice too. I’ll be using these on Pancakes, definitely- but they might not be a bad addition to the Scones I plan on making Thursday when a friend comes by for Tea!


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