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Reviewing: The Good Housekeeping Cookbook

The Good Housekeeping Cookbook: 1,275 Recipes from America’s Favorite Test Kitchen [Bridal Edition]” published by Good Housekeeping

28150754I have absolutely no words for how wonderful this book truly is. I really, really do not.

I found it at Hastings on a trip to Stillwater last year, tucked into a corner on a bottom bookshelf and easy to overlook. It took us a while to figure out what the difference was between it and the other editions, but when we did my friend and I fell in love with it so much that we purchased matching copies. I have never regretted this purchase.

Individual recipes are relatively easy to find, but the Table of Contents is not. There are some areas where I wish the organization was better, but overall it is remarkably well organized for the amount of information it contains. The navigation, once you get the hang of it, is simple and relatively straightforward. Each section is also prefaced with essential information about the topic- such as the section on Beef being prefaced with cooking instructions, and overview of Beef cuts, and more; likewise, the Pasta section has a small glossary of Pasts types, and on and on for each chapter.

There is also a wide variety of recipes as well. Some of them are a bit fancier than the average person will likely be able to make but they aren’t ostentatious like some other Cookbooks that I own. It also has relatively classic recipes that most people should know. Some cultural ones are thrown in as well, which is a very nice touch as well, I think.

It contains so much information on every conceivable subject that it is almost overwhelming, to be honest. But it is so unbelievably informative and educational that it is a great starter’s book. On this point alone I believe that it is an absolute must have for anyone who is new to cooking, who is moving out on their own for the first time, or even the more experience homemaker and chef; the information is absolutely invaluable.

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