The Housewive’s Association; What on Earth is it?

Not too long ago I started actively using a tag on Tumblr named The Housewive’s Association. This is the story of how it started and what it is for anyone interested in joining me.

In as short and simple terms as possible, I am Anti-Radical Feminism. On Tumblr especially, I find the Radical Feminist community to be particularly toxic. Unfortunately, there are (what I feel are) a large number of problems involving the standard tags that one may use if they are interested in Housewifery, Traditionalism, Femininity, and related subjects.

These tags are either almost never updated except rarely, are waterlogged in food and cooking posts, have been mostly transformed into trans-specific spaces (which there is nothing wrong with, but as a Cis-Female I cannot connect with and do not face the same issues that they do and do not feel comfortable invading a space they have claimed as their own), or are habitually depressing. There were also a huge number of what I thought of as other problems, as well. What predominantly bothered me about the tags, however, was the Radical Feminist invasion of tags which should have been our spaces, with the sole intent of degrading femininity and dehumanizing those who embrace it in a traditional manner (one of many problems I have with Radical Feminism).

After searching around for 6 months for a safe, regularly contributed to space devoted to what I wanted, believed, and participated in- and not finding one in the slightest- I came up with the “Housewives Association” tag some time around November-December of last year; a safe, clear space in which to post about Traditionalism, Gender, Femininity, and related subjects- and to actually encourage participation in a community that, thanks to the proliferation of very militant Radical Feminist ideology on Tumblr, was relatively silent and inactive.

You do not have to actually be a housewife to use the tag. You just have to do what is generally considered “domestic” or “feminine” things- whatever society generally lumps into those categories. My creation of this tag and the reasoning behind it, however, does not mean that I discourage political and ideologically oriented posts within it. This is not the case!  You can post whatever you want in it so long as it pertains to female gender roles and / or gender traditionalism, femininity (weaponized included), makeup, gardening, decorating, homemaking, fashion, parenting, cooking, and on and on… And you can very much post such content, make political posts, and criticize certain aspects of traditional femininity and homemaking- simply without all the judgement, catty drama, the shaming, and other things which I have found to be common in the currently existing tags.

I really want (and have always wanted it) to be an inviting space that is ultimately free of the more toxic ideologies and posts which the other tags “for us” usually seem to be filled with; I would simply prefer not to wake up one day and see bigoted, shaming, degrading, judgmental things in the tag which degrade the lifestyle, femininity, or others wishing to live like this.


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