Meal Plans and Staying On Track with Food

Though our current schedule and residence keeps me unable to carry out food prep and other activities as efficiently and often as I would like, I would still like to share the things that I was doing that helped me stay on track. After all, a healthy diet is one cornerstone of a healthy lifestyle and person!

Each week on Thursdays or Fridays I create a Meal Plan for the week. This is often combined with Meal Prep, where I put together those meals I planned for so that it requires less energy or time to make those meals later in the week.

In all honestly, I only plan are my Husband and I’s dinners. Breakfast, Lunch, and Snacks are not planned- though I do often drink certain things with each meal; my Husband works in the next town over and has about a 20 minute commute, so he takes his lunches with him (usually leftovers from the previous night’s meals as I tend to cook for 3 people instead of 2 so he can have something better than a PB&J). That leaves just me at home, and since I’m a Housewife and not “formally employed” I do not see a point in planning anything other than the dinners.

Generally I will plan for an entire week and purchase the items I need for those recipes. Since there is only my Husband and I, only use about half the items I bought during the first week, so I then use the remainder of the previous week’s ingredients as a foundation for my meal plan for the next week. Nothing goes to waste and I am forced to get creative with what I have on hand for the “in between weeks”- meaning I have a higher likelihood of using the odd ingredients in my pantry that I generally forget exist. In addition, this also saves us an astounding amount of money.

The plan + prep method also saves me a lot of time and spoons. I don’t have to spend forever wracking my brain to figure out what to cook for dinner on any given night. On top of it, I have Mental Illnesses that severely cut into the number of “spoons” I have a day. Some days I just do not have the energy to do so. Knowing that I have already done all of the work (first planning the meal, then getting it ready to cook) beforehand makes it a lot easier on my low spoon days or during severe depressive episodes; it’s a great practice that has infinitely made my life easier and my illnesses easier to manage.



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