Penny Date on an Overpass

My Husband and I are introverts by nature so nights out are pretty rare for us. When we do go out, we tend to prefer seclusion more than anything. That’s why when I stumbled across the “Penny Date” idea on Facebook this week I jumped at the chance to share it with him.

The concept and the rules both are relatively simple: You get a penny, and that’s it. Each side represents a direction you take- with heads being a right turn, and tails being a left. You and your partner then pick a number 10 through 20 and head out, flipping the coin at each intersection you come to and turning in the direction it lands on. This continues until the coin has been flipped for the chosen number of times, all the way up until you arrive at your final destination. Where you end up is where you have your date! Easy, right?

Perfect Picknick FoodWhen I talked to him about trying it out, we immediately knew that we wanted a picnic style date. We made the decision and then scheduled the date ahead of time. As a result I had all day do prep and cook a lovely meal of Filet Mignon, Homemade Mashed Potatoes, and Sauted Green Beans for the main course- and individual Clafoutis for desert.

When it was time for our date we headed out. Neither of us actually had a penny on hand, though, so we chose a quarter instead; originally we had decided on 25 turns representing the currency we were using. Unfortunately after a while it became apparent that if we kept going we’d quickly wind up way too far out in the country on backroads neither of us were familiar with. As a result, halfway through our trip we chose to stop the number at 15 instead.

Final DestinationOf course with our luck, however, that wasn’t the last of our problems; the final coin flip actually landed us on private property. Trespassing charges weren’t exactly ideal for a date, so we opted to keep following the road until we found a more suitable (and less illegal) spot. Thankfully not too much further up the road we wound up on one of the many overpasses crossing one of our local sections of Interstate-35.

Picnicking on top of a Highway Overpass on a low traffic country road is hands down a beautiful experience; it was such a lovely view with the local Wind Farm in the background and all of the noise of cars driving under us. All in all, it was definitely an experience that we would like to eventually repeat!

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The Banner Image for this post was provided by StockSnap; the Banner Image for the main site is my own work.


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