RedBubble Card Haul

The fact is that I have barely written more than 3 words at any given time since leaving High School in 2008. Most of my work is done online, and I spend more time typing than I do writing. This realization led to a sudden and intense desire to rediscover the wonderful world of handwriting.

Since January I have been prowling Penpal databases on sites like Tumblr looking to the perfect people to send snail mail to. Now, several months, one marriage, a home renovation, and a move later I am finally able to do so. To celebrate? Of course, I bought a lot of cards!

I have sold items on RedBubble myself since late 2011 or so, and I own a few shirts by various items. If it had not been for my lovely friend Blaine helping me hunt down the perfect Skyrim Shirt (I eventually went with this one by Red Tide Creative), I would have never discovered this amazing site. Since I love supporting other artists, of course it was my first natural decision whenever I finally had the cash saved up to buy cards.

In no particular order according to the photos, I purchased the following cards for a grand total of $33 USD after shipping: Teapots #1 by Julia Coalrye; How to Build a Landscape by Waynem79; Tea Cups by Nic Squirrell; Magical Weapons by LordofMasks; Happy Guardian Sailor Moon by FrauleinMezzo; Bird by motymotymoty; Pretty Cacti by Zoel; Moth with Plants by Leslie Evans; Pagan Goddess by Cale Lobba; Vitality by Lou Mackay; Room for Dessert by Littleclyde; Let them Eat Cake by Perrin Le Feuvre; Slumber by Freeminds; Save Your Dream by Prawidana; Jellyfish by Matt Miller; and Moroccan Floral Lattice Arrangement (in pink) by Micklyn.

Quality wise, I love them. The card stock is thick and does not dent too terribly when writing, which is a huge plus for me as I have a tendency to press too deeply into the pages when I write. The printing itself is also wonderful. The colors are nice and vibrant and the images themselves are crisp. There is no color bleeding- which is in part because of RedBubble’s printing process and also the Artists’ individual abilities to provide high resolution images for good printing.

The sheer number of options, though, is what I find the best. There is really an art style and design for anything and I was easily able to find cards that fit the personalities expressed by the blogs and bios of everyone I agreed to correspond with.

As an added bonus, I even walked to the Post office and purchased a leaflet of absolutely adorable stamps to use on the envelopes that came with the cards. They feature various cherry blossom themes, and I am in love with them. It really is a shame that they were so expensive, otherwise I would have grabbed a few more leaflets.

I am definitely looking forward to sending out my letters to all of my new penpals!tumblr_od9z4kycsq1urp3f5o1_540


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