Osage Cove Under Water

My Husband had plans to take me camping for my birthday, but even weeks after the rain has finally stopped, our favorite campgrounds were still submerged.

We left early noon to make the drive past Ponca City to Kaw Lake. We were hoping that the campgrounds would be clear finally for our camping trip, but we had no such luck. They had blocked off the road about halfway between the Eagle View trail head and the Campground entrance, so we hard to turn around.

Still, not wanting to waste the trip we parked at the Eagle View trail head and hiked a mile and a half up the road to the Osage Cove camp grounds to explore.┬áThe water wasn’t as high as we had expected, but a good portion of the campgrounds were definitely unuseable. It took us a bit to meander down to the water’s edge, and actually ended up finding a few grounds that weren’t flooded- one of which actually included the last site number we stayed at.

It was a shame we couldn’t camp, but to be honest I think I actually prefer the grounds when they are under water. Not only are they quiet and secluded, but there is a sort of serene beauty to it. I got some really amazing shots- both of the viking, and the surroundings.tumblr_od9z4kycsq1urp3f5o1_540


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