Finally Settled In

Things have been chaotic for the last two months, but it is genuinely worth it when you can navigate your house without having to dodge boxes and extension chords!

The living room was the first room we set up. Over time we will replace the majority of the furniture, but for now it serves us well enough.

Of course, my Horse Skull was the first to go on the wall during set up. Funnily enough, no one said a word about it during the moving process, and no one has made any mention of it since then. Much later my father tipped me off about two Bovine Skulls in the dumpster near his work and I picked them up as soon as I could. After a good cleaning and sun bath, they replaced the pictures we originally had on either side of the window. A blanket to cover the window, and everything looks nice enough.

At some point I would love to collect some shadow boxes filled with curiosities, as well as a few terrariums to complete the decorations.

The kitchen was unpacked the easiest out of all the rooms save the bathroom. It took my Husband’s step father a bit to pick up the remainder of his tools, but in the meantime I managed to make the kitchen more workable by turning the sawhorses and some of our leftover plywood into a makeshift table. Once he picked them up I swapped it out with a real table that I traded my sister for a few cigarettes.

The bathroom is relatively standard, as is the bedroom. There isn’t anything particularly gripping about them yet since they are technically unfinished. Still, the furniture has been moved in and they look significantly better than they did.

The back hallway-room has officially become the Shrine Room for my religious activities. It has taken the longest to decorate due to the fact that it intermittently becomes storage as we rearrange things in the house and get everything squared away. The fact that it is also one I have predominantly done myself is another reason it has taken so long to get set up.

Without a doubt, it has become my favorite room in the house. It is especially nice to be in there with the windows open and offers the perfect environment to relax and drink my Tea. After a bit of time in there, though, I did eventually become annoyed by the wood paneling (including on the ceiling!), gave in, and paint at least one wall in the room.tumblr_od9z4kycsq1urp3f5o1_540


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