Moving Day!

Today we can officially move all of our large furniture and the remaining knicknacks into the new house! But moving, while joyous, has also been a disaster so far; human interaction is becoming increasingly less tolerable and more stressful by the minute.

We plan on moving in today and staying overnight Sunday without any of the utilities. By Monday the city utilities will be on, and the Gas Service is scheduled for Tuesday. We’re still trying to decide if we want to turn on the Internet at the same time, however, or wait a bit longer. Regardless of what we decide it’ll still be great to spend our first night together in our new house.

Getting into the house hasn’t been easy, though. More than a few friends and family members said that they would help us move… But now the day is here, and suddenly all but four of them apparently have better things to do than help us. With two of them, we’ve even had to fight to get anything done; I will never understand people who make plans weeks in advance and then bail on them without any warning. Especially not when “bailing” consists of simply not showing up at all and refusing to answer their phone when you try to politely call them and remind them of their promises. It’s one of the worst types of rude in my eyes, and by 8 am this morning I was already ticking off things I need for the house like that one murder Gif featuring Kat Dennings.

We made a last ditch effort to contact friends we hadn’t asked yet. Thankfully, however, someone finally managed to come to our rescue; one of my Husband’s female coworkers and her Boyfriend came over with a truck and helped us. I cannot articulate how relieved I am to have at least two people. If it weren’t for them, we legitimately wouldn’t have been able to move today.

But we are now, and it’s exciting!

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