It’s Moving Day!

Moving, while joyous, has also been a disaster so far. Human interaction is becoming increasingly less tolerable and more stressful by the minute.

Everyone says they will help us move. Plans are made, and then suddenly they have better things to do once the day comes- or we have to fight with them to get anything done. It was only 8am and I was ticking off things I need for the house like that one Gif.

Thankfully, however, someone managed to come to our rescue: My Husband’s female coworker Roxy borrowed her brother’s truck and brought along her boyfriend in order to get it done. I cannot articulate how relieved I am… And yet I am hoping they can hold off fighting until it is over (they do not get along well and it begs the question of why they are even in a relationship sometimes).

While they are unloading the first load at our house, in the interim please meet the ridiculously tiny basement-cave that my Husband and  I have been living in for the last year.

This small space has housed our makeshift kitchen, our bedroom, and our livingroom for the last year of our lives- in addition to what knicknacks we could collect for our future house, and all of our additional clothing and personal belongings. It is dark, damp, and almost always cold. I genuinely cannot say that I will miss it when we are gone!tumblr_od9z4kycsq1urp3f5o1_540


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