We’re Almost There!

My dad has been laid off of work because of an undergoing settlement for an injury and they’ll reimburse us once his settlement is finished. Until then we have to make the payments on our house for them- which is not a big deal as it is only $50 a week. We made our first payment yesterday, and picked up the “Agreement to Sell Real Estate”, filled it out, and got everything signed.

On paper, we legally own the house now. As per personal agreement, however, we don’t. Not yet, anyways. We do need to own it on paper, though, before we can get the City utilities on or we will have to go through inspection- which we won’t pass yet even with all of the work we’ve already done on the house.

I called the city offices to make sure that document would be sufficient enough proof for them, or if we would have to fill out a “Quick Claim Deed” instead. They said it should be fine, so my Husband and I will go in on Monday to get the city utilities on. I also called the Gas Company and scheduled the service turn on for Friday to give us ample tie to get the City utilities on in case the “Agreement to Sell Real Estate” does not work and we have to sign different documents. We are still trying to decide if we want to turn on the Internet at the same time, or wait a bit longer. We will more than likely make the decision this week.

After all of that was said and done, I finally managed to drag my father over the house to help me cover the hole in the ceiling and install the light fixture in the back hallway-room, plus reinstall the thermostat for the heater and put the new molding up to hide the cord for it. The only thing we did not finish was the sink, which we still need to find the right pipe for. That should be done today, though- and with any luck I’ll also be able to shampoo the carpets today finally as well as move all of the plywood and stuff out of the house, clean, and be finished.

That means that tomorrow we can officially move all of our large furniture and the remaining knicknacks into the new house. We’ll stay there overnight Sunday without any of the utilities, but Monday (with any luck) those will be turned on and I can call the gas company for an earlier appointment and get it on the same day.tumblr_od9z4kycsq1urp3f5o1_540


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