Bathroom Renovations

Thank the Gods for a family willing to pitch in and help out. I really do not know what I would do without them during this process- because as much as the Kitchen was labor intensive, the bedroom had its problems, and some unexpected problems have been found with the livingroom… Essentially gutting a room is the least fun I have had in a long time.

When we first acquired the house, we knew we would have to replace everything in the bathroom. It would be impossible for the bathroom to function in any decent manner and it was so, so, so terrible. The sink was falling apart, the toilet was wedged into an impossible space, and once we pulled up the carpet and linoleum we discovered holes in the floor.

We tore everything out with the exception of the shower. Hands down, we simply did not have the money to replace it, so keeping it was the only option that we had. The sink and the toilet, however, went instantly. After that we spent two days installing the subfloor, then another day laying the new linoleum and patching the drywall before installing the new facilities.

Painting is not an option right now, nor is purchasing a new vanity mirror. The color scheme was scrapped eventually, though. We managed to find a gorgeous painting of a ship at a Yard Sale for $1 USD and decided that we would very much like a Nautical-esque theme in the bathroom as opposed to the purple tones I had originally painted. As such when we do finally get around to painting we’ll be doing wave-like patterns on an accent wall and painting mostly in blue and brown shades. It will definitely have to wait until later, but at least for the moment the bathroom is now functional.tumblr_od9z4kycsq1urp3f5o1_540


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