Mission Accomplished: Living Room

While I was finishing up the Kitchen, my Husband was starting on the Living room. It was touch and go for a few weeks, however, and we ran into so very unexpected problems that halted its progress for a while; we thought that the Bedroom posed the largest problem for us during renovations… Unfortunately we were wrong.

At one point my father came over and began installing the new switches that we had purchased for various places in the house. After that, we moved on to replacing the light fixtures as well. When we got to the light in the living room, however, we discovered that the electrical wires that ran to the light had been melted to the point that it was a fire hazard. That meant that the whole of the damaged wiring to that light had to be replaced before we could do anything.

Unfortunately when you start getting into Electrical work with old houses… Well, it never goes well; digging around in the attic led to the discovery that the house is horridly wired in general. That’s not necessarily surprising, though. When replacing the sockets we found that the house still has its original cloth wrapped wiring from the year it was built, but it did pose yet another problem to replacing the bad wire: The bedroom light is directly linked to the living room one for reasons my father can’t even begin to fathom.

We ended up having to splice the wiring and replace the wires to both room. The Romex and other items that we needed to do it were relatively cheap, but it was still an unforeseen expense that we hadn’t counted on. Thankfully  though, we managed to get it rewired and eventually completed the living room. After that, everything else was a breeze to complete since it was all just painting- and removing the appliances.

My Husband chose the colors for this one. He opted for a green than was slightly bright but landed more on the side of an Army Green. We decided together on a brown for the trim color in order to match the wide stained wood trim at the top of the room- though we didn’t end up color matching it all that well. Later he also picked the curtain colors and went with a gorgeous red Thermal Curtain set- which should really help with the heat; we’ll also be putting one up in the doorway to the kitchen so that he can have a dark “movie theater” style room like he wants.

The carpet could certainly use a good shampooing, but otherwise that is one more room done on the list!Signature Blue


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