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Mission Accomplished: Bedroom

My Husband and I have been on a mad dash to complete the house. But the additional time and effort has definitely been rewarding- especially considering the Bedroom is now complete as well!

While the Kitchen was ridiculously labor intensive (all that scrubbing!) the Bedroom had its own problems. In fact, it actually posed our greatest problem in the house: Two windows on one end of the room had been broken and then filled with blown insulation, and another was busted and boarded over.

We have neither the time nor the money to invest in professional window installation, unfortunately. Even if we did, neither window honestly offered a view that was worth saving; the busted and boarded window looks out into the back yard, whereas the insulated windows look on to the ghastly tinned side of our only neighbor’s house. We’d rather pass. Thankfully, though, my mother had a rather genius solution to the problem: Reboard one for the time being until we could afford to replace it, and turn the other two into a massive headboard.

After painting the trim, that is exactly what we did.

We’ve certainly chosen colors for the bedroom, but we’ve decided to put the rest of the loan money to greater use in other areas of the house. Instead we chose to simply freshen up the trim around the Bedroom using the color we bought for the Kitchen cabinets- and retain the horrid wood paneling for now.

Keeping our eventual paint colors in mind, though, we chose a nice brown, bronze, and gold colored comforter for the headboard; after boarding the window and caulking the gaps, we cut the comforter to size and stapled it up there. Doing it this way saved us a lot of money and gave us a decently padded headboard that can be swapped with another comforter with relative ease should we ever choose to change the color scheme in the room.

It’s not the best fix, I’ll admit. But for what we had to work with, it was the best choice I think we could have made- and it looks wonderful (at least compared to what it looked like beforehand, anyways).Signature Blue


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