Kitchen Renovations Pt. 2

This last week has been so tedious. There is an unbelievable amount of work that goes into scrubbing and painting cabinets. Who knew even small scale renovations took so much effort. On the upside, the Kitchen is looking truly amazing!

I had a very hard time settling on the color I wanted for the Kitchen. Even though I had worked up a plan and picked paint colors for most of the house, as expected I was unable to purchase some of the colors I had originally chosen. In the end I ended up going with a very nice pastel blue that I think opens up the space so wonderfully.

I started by painting my standard protective sigils on the walls beforehand, then quickly got to work painting the walls. I was unfortunately too short to paint all the way up, so my Husband had to finish the job. He’s not much a fan of painting, but it needed to be done and he’s so much taller than I am.

Choosing the colors for the drawers was unbelievably easy once the wall color was decided on. I chose slightly brighter tones and opted for a pale yellow, an orange, and a strange pink-coral color, all augmented with the blue from the walls. The drawers were then painted in alternating colors which very handily acts as a color coding system for the utensils. This same color coding system was also used on the storage unit by the back door- which we have decided to use as a pantry instead of the Linen Closet it was intended to be in the original floor plans.

Because of the color choices I have taken to joking that it looks as if the Easter Bunny exploded in my Kitchen. Still, I am very pleased with the result and all that is left is to finish furnishing it and obtain the other appliances we need.

We also did a number of other renovations this week in other rooms in the house. I will me making separate posts for those rooms, however.tumblr_od9z4kycsq1urp3f5o1_540


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