Kitchen Renovations Pt. 1

My Husband and I buckled down and spent the weekend at the house in order to get some more of the remodeling under way. Needless to say we accomplished a great deal!

Earlier this week we were there for a short time to remove the cupboard doors for painting and hardware replacement, but we managed to get plenty of other things done as well.

Half of the cupboards were scrubbed along with the window frames; we pulled up the carpet in the bathroom and hauled off the carpeting from it and the kitchen; we pulled every nail we could find out of every wall, window, and door in the house; we hung a few of the new curtains; purchased the plywood to turn the broken windows in the bedroom into a headboard and priced the wood to fix the bathroom floor; brought over the linoleum for the bathroom; pulled 10 pounds of tacking nails out of the hardwood in the kitchen that we plan on restoring; and I’m sure I forgot something that we did.

Yesterday, we went back over with plans to vacuum and sweep and begin painting. We did not necessarily get a whole lot done to the house, though. We did, however, almost complete the second largest project in the house: Scrubbing and painting the Kitchen Cabinets.

Today I will drop the cookbooks off with the woman who claimed some of them in the local Free Exchange group, and then head down to the house again. My goal is to finish the cabinet doors, then scrub and paint the trim. Yesterday I also decided that I wanted to paint the drawer faces in the accent colors I chose for the Kitchen, so I’ll be doing that as well. With any luck, I’ll even have enough time left over to wood putty the nail holes in the hardwood so that they’ll be ready to sand soon.

Tomorrow the plumber should be out to replace the sewage line. Hopefully I can get the utilities on in the house by Friday, and the floor in the bathroom replaced by then too. Then it is just laying the linoleum in the bathroom, restoring the hardwood in the kitchen, and painting the wall colors. I am so excited that we might be able to move in some time at the end of next week.tumblr_od9z4kycsq1urp3f5o1_540


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