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Renovation Jackpot!

When my Husband and I began renovations on our house, the one thing we didn’t expect to find was gold hidden beneath a layer of carpet and two of linoleum.

Of course, I’m not talking about real gold! Even though I’ve heard of people finding some very real, and very wonderful treasures when renovating houses as old as ours? That was not the case with us. Instead I am referring to one of the best things (in my opinion) that you can find in an old home; it turns out that my Husband and I’s house is quite the hidden little gem.

My mother and I made our way over to the house this afternoon to see what we could do. with it for the time being- and we decided that the first course of action was dealing with the Carpet. as the Kitchen and Bathroom are covered in this absolutely horrendous restaurant style carpeting… Hey, don’t give me that look. I don’t know why it’s there, either; it’s beyond me why someone would ever consider putting carpet in either sort of room and I’m as appalled as you are by the idea. That’s why (for hopefully obvious reasons) we decided it absolutely needed to go.

tumblr_njo52dhilw1u7g63jo2_12801We pried up the little cover things that hold the carpet down at the threshold and pried as hard as we could; at some point it had become fused (yes, fused) to the two layers of old Linoleum apparently hiding beneath it. I’ve never removed carpet that difficult in my life, but it was worth it to remove that ungodly monstrosity from the floor… Imagine our surprise, however, when we found something equal to gold when it comes to historic and semi-historic real estate hiding beneath the carpet: Wood flooring. Not just any wood flooring, though, but the original Hardwood Floors from when the house as built.

Yes, you read that right. Most people wouldn’t be excited to find hard wood floors hidden beneath a layer of industrial carpet and another two layers of linoleum. But I’ve always wanted hardwood floors, and here they are! So discovering the original hardwood floors of the house was a huge deal for me today, and I am completely over the moon right now.

Ripping up a portion of the carpet in the remaining two original rooms, we found that the flooring actually runs throughout the entirety of the- not just the back rooms we removed the carpeting from. Even better was the fact that, with a few exceptions, the flooring was intact and in relatively good condition. I tried to convince my Husband to allow me to rip up the carpet altogether, but he resisted and won; he didn’t want a house full of hardwood flooring (not that many people can blame him), and so my Mother and I relaid the portions we ripped up in the other rooms.

Unfortunately, however, it looks like the Kitchen will be the only one I’m keeping; the wood in the Bathroom is simply too damaged. We’ll have to subfloor it and install tile or linoleum over it instead. With a little sanding to remove the leftover linoleum tar, a nice coat of stain, and a generous helping of Polyurethane, though, the kitchen floor should look wonderful.

I’m a bit disappointed with only being able to keep it in one room. But in the end, I’m ok with it. Original wood flooring in general is so much more than I could have ever hoped for- even if it’s not much now.Signature Blue


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