A Sweet Surprise During Renovations?

My mother and I made our way over to the house this afternoon to see what we could do. Turns out that my Husband and I’s house is quite the hidden little gem.

The Kitchen and Bathroom are covered in this horrendous restaurant style carpeting. Why someone would ever consider putting carpet in either sort of room is beyond me. For obvious reasons it is not the best fit for rooms where water often winds up on the floor. As a result, it was the first thing we decided absolutely needed to go.

Imagine our surprise, however, when we lifted up the carpet and two layers of linoleum and found the house’s original hard wood flooring! The greatest surprise of all, however, is that- with a little investigation- we found that the flooring runs throughout the entirety of the house and not just the back rooms we removed the carpeting from.

At the moment my Husband and I plan on keeping the carpet in the Livingroom and Bedroom since it is in decent enough condition and (according to the previous owner) less than two years old. We will most certainly be keeping the wood floor in the Kitchen, however. With a little sanding to remove the leftover linoleum tar, a nice coat of stain, and a generous helping of Polyurethane they should look wonderful.

The wood in the Bathroom is unfortunately too damaged to keep, though. Instead we will have to subfloor it and install tile or linoleum over it. Still, original wood flooring in the Kitchen is much more than I could have ever hoped for!tumblr_od9z4kycsq1urp3f5o1_540


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