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3, 2, 1, Renovate!

When things are more complicated than anticipated and you don’t have the money, who do you turn to? All my Husband and I have to say is thank the Gods for a decent credit score.

The sewage line is proving to be the largest obstacle at the moment when it comes to our renovations. Because we’re no longer receiving assistance from my family concerning it, we’ve decided to go the professional route in getting it replaced- so I called a few local Plumbing companies and asked for an estimate.

After several days of calling and reminding them of the estimate they were supposed to give us, I finally received an estimate from one of them. The bad news is that altogether it will cost us $2,500 USD. The good news is that’s what my Mother said the professional estimate for the prior occupant was. Thankfully nothing on that end has changed.

I’m not surprised by the amount, to be honest; it’s a lot of work, and quite a bit of time. Plus there are permits and codes to deal with- which is exactly why my Husband opted to get it done professionally. Still, it’s a bitter pill to swallow; ultimately it’s not something that we can afford on our own- and since we messed everything up by getting married earlier than anticipated, we’re no longer getting any help.

Last week we sat down and talked about taking out a large scale loan to remodel the house as per my Mother’s suggestion. There were a lot of pro’s and a lot of con’s to doing it that way- most notably the fact that couples who start out with debt are more likely to have financial issues, and are more likely to get Divorced over finances. We both think we’re strong enough and capable enough to handle it, though, and don’t see it impacting our Marriage much; if anything, not having our own home will impact us far more negatively. So we decided to go for it.

We had an appointment with the Bank on Wednesday to see how plausible it was, and what size of a loan we could actually get. We were hoping to qualify for a $5,000 USD loan at minimum, but we actually ended up qualifying for $10,000 USD. My Husband and I weren’t comfortable taking on that large of an amount just yet, though, so we settled for the smaller amount.

Now have more than enough money to get the sewage line professionally replaced- and an additional $2,500 USD to help cover the remodel of the interior. Let the renovations commence!Signature Blue


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