Great Renovation News!

When things are more complicated than anticipated and you do not have the money, who do you turn to? Thank the Gods for a decent credit score.

The sewage line is proving to be a very large obstacle at the moment. After several days of calling and reminding them of the estimate they were supposed to give us, I finally received an estimate from the Plumber concerning the replacement of the Sewage Line at our new house. Altogether, it will cost us $2,500 for everything professionally- which is what my Mother said the professional estimate for the prior occupant was.

I’m not surprised by the amount. Still, it’s a bitter pill to swallow; if we do it professionally it will cost us $2,500 USD, and if we do it ourselves it will cost us $1,200 or more. There is a lot more work and a lot more money involved in replacing the Sewage Line than we originally anticipated, however- and since we messed ourselves out of getting help by getting married earlier than anticipated, it is ultimately not something that we can afford on our own now.

My Husband and I are considered taking out a large scale loan to remodel the house as per my mother’s suggestion. We had an appointment with the Bank on Wednesday to see how plausible it is and how much we can get. ultimately, we were hoping to qualify for a $5,000 USD loan- and i’m happy to say that we did! We now have more than enough money to get the sewage line professionally replaced. The upside is that we will have an additional $2,500 USD left over to help us also update the inside of the house.

I found out last night that the first Plumber I called for the estimates was the most recommended in my area, so after verifying that I went ahead and gave the go-ahead for the job today. He’ll be at the house today in order to locate and mark the lines, and will be replacing it on April 7th. At that point it’s all of the interior work that needs to be finished, the last of the large appliances that need to be bought, the Groceries in the pantry, and and the utilities that need to be turned on.

Let the official renovations actually commence!tumblr_od9z4kycsq1urp3f5o1_540


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