We’re Officially Getting Started on the Renovations!

We are officially starting on the house, now… But oh boy do we have more ahead of us than we thought.

We went by the house yesterday in order to mow the lawn and move the refrigerator we bought from my sister into it for storage. While we were there we measured the yard from house to street in order to see how much pipe we were going to need in order to replace the sewage line. As it turns out, we are going to need 80 feet- which means the pipe to replace it is going cost us $500 versus the $400 we had originally thought it would.

We knew about the fact that the sewage line was collapsed and needed to be replaced. When we agreed to the house, however, we thought that my parents were going to take care of the sewage line and we would only have to help dig. At least, that was the plan we agreed to the house under. We found out yesterday, though, that my mom has apparently backed out of it since we got married before she thought we would- before she paid off the house.

We did not foresee the fact that getting married ahead of schedule would render the majority of our deal null and void. As a result, my parents are transferring the house directly into our name and have opted out of helping with the cost of renovation.

On the upside, my Husband and I were out there at dusk and got to see our first sunset at the new house. Needless to say that my kitchen has an absolutely stunning view of an empty field and a train yard. Every day around dinner time for us is going to be fantastic; I will never get tired of the view, and I am not putting the car port up on that side of the house as my Husband’s mother suggested and blocking it, either.tumblr_od9z4kycsq1urp3f5o1_540


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