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New Wife, New Home… Sort Of

My Parents purchased a house last year with the intent of moving into it. They decided they didn’t want to do the work, however. Since the house was too small for my Sister and her family to move into, they gave it to my Husband and I as a Wedding Gift. Unfortunately the House needs a lot of work before it’s ready to move into- even for us.

Last week we bought a refrigerator from my Sister and needed a place to store it. Since the house is empty at the moment, my Husband and I decided to store it there for the time being. We had some things to do that we needed to got to the house for, anyways, so we took it over yesterday; while we were there we measured the yard from house to street in order to see how much pipe we’re going to need in order to replace the sewage line. We also surveyed the house to see exactly what it’s going to take.

The one thing we definitely agreed on immediately? The house is going to need a lot of work; how the previous owner lived in it, I have no idea. But hands down, it’s not even close to being livable right now. I don’t even know where to start with it, to be honest. Ok, that’s not true. I do know where to start: Replacing the Sewage Line.

We knew about the fact that the sewage line had collapsed after someone drove over it when the previous owner still lived there. When we agreed to the house, however, it was with the understanding that my parents were going to take care of it; all we would have to do was help dig it up and install the new line. We found out yesterday, though, that my Mother has apparently backed out of that part of the deal since we got married before she thought we would. As a result, my parents are transferring the house directly into our name and have opted out of helping with the cost of renovation.

First things first, we’re going to need roughly 80 feet of sewage grade PVC piping and a Bobcat rental- which means the pipe to replace it is going cost us about $1,500. Granted, it’s not a huge deal. But it’s significant enough that it’s a bit of a setback for us with my Mother changing her mind; we didn’t exactly foresee getting married ahead of schedule rendering the majority of our deal null and void. So first thing tomorrow, we’re going to have to start Brainstorming on how to get past this in a way that’s manageable and realistic for us. Until then, we likely won’t be doing much with the house.

On a more positive note, my Husband and I were there at dusk- which means that we had the opportunity to see our first sunset at the new house. Needless to say that my kitchen has an absolutely stunning view of an empty field and a train yard, and every day around dinner time for us is going to be fantastic; I don’t think that I will ever get tired of the view.Signature Blue


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