Marriage, Weekly Checkup

Officially Mrs. Boyett!

Yesterday my Husband and I were finally Married and it went off without a single hitch!

11057218_10205553438490520_2224043809390478115_n (1)We had the Ceremony on the Beach where he proposed to me, attended by my Husband’s Mother and Step Father, and my own Mother. It was short, it was sweet, and it was Pagan like I wanted it to be- and his Mother damned near had a conniption during it. Even though she started praying at that point, though, she did at least manage to be respectful and not interrupt or cause a problem so I consider that a success.

Afterwards we had a decent chunk of time before the Reception when everyone would be joining us, so we all went our separate ways; my Husband, Mother, and I went to the store ad picked up what we would need for the food and final party supplies- and stopped by and picked up the cake and Champagne. My Husband’s parent’s on the other hand, went and set up the Pavilion for us.

At 5 the Reception started. Not many people showed up, but those that did were the ones we had wanted to come anyways; there was laughing, talking, drinks, and food. The highlight, though, was impressing my Husband’s family and friends by managing to cook the entirety of the Barbecue Chicken main course- outside, on an open Grill, in a White dress, without getting a single spot of anything on myself.

Everyone got along. Not a thing was said about how we decided to do everything. And everyone had a good time. More importantly? Despite the giant cold sore on my face that tries to say otherwise, I wasn’t stressed or upset- and that’s exactly what I wanted.

Signature Blue

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