Our Wedding is Almost Here!

Almost everything is set up for next week and I am so unbelievably excited! It has definitely been one crazy, bumpy road for us.

Ultimately, though, no one can seem to understand that this is not really a wedding. They also do not seem to care that it is our day and we want to do things out way. From my mother complaining about the way we are structuring everything, to his mother complaining about it not being a Christian ceremony, and on and on, it has just been so unbelievably frustrating; everyone complaining left and right about how we’re doing it and how “it’s not fair to them”. We finally just decided to throw a small dinner for immediate family in order to appease them.

We decided that we are doing that Friday in the late afternoon. At 4, I’m going to send a group of people to set up the Pavilion and get it ready, and we’re going to have the dinner out there at 5. Because I am ultimately cheap and lazy- and they were the ones that complained enough and made it about them enough  that I gave in- after the ceremony we will have a very small potluck “reception” style party down the road where I will be grilling Chicken as the main food and everyone will hopefully bring the side dishes.

In general, I am very bitter about having to modify the way I want to do things in order to accommodate people who cannot bear the idea of things not being done their way on a day that is not theirs. I am sure I will be thankful for the reception later, but for now I am simply bitter.

Today my mother ordered a wedding cake and a case of Martini and Rossi’s Asti Spumante, and my Husband and I found a Pavilion at the lake to host the dinner at (which parents have graciously agreed to prepare and reserve for us). We also bought my Husband an outfit to wear, because he did not actually have anything at all. Tomorrow I have to take back a second pair of pants that did not work out, plus get my own dress and accessories. I also have to fix his ring, because it actually broke a wile back and he hasn’t worn it in a few months.

My mother, Husband, and I are going out to lunch Thursday. Afterwards we are going to Newkirk to officially file for the Marriage License.

We were lucky enough to have someone volunteer to officiate our wedding for us. As it turns out my Sister-in-Law (via unofficial adoption) is ordained through the same group I am. Unlike myself, however, she has her paperwork and has filed it with the state.

Friday morning my sister-in-law is driving up from Seminole to sign the paperwork for us. Her, my mother, my Husband’s mother, his step father, and my Husband and I are going to the lake where we got engaged in order to do a small ceremony for their benefit (and because it is unfortunately legally required). My Husband’s mother, however, will more than likely have an aneurysm over the ceremony. I refuse to cow to a Christian ceremony and so we have asked my Sister-in-Law to do the legally required minimum for the ceremony, plus a minor blessing since we’re both under the same faith umbrella. His mother can grumble and ask “why” and pray for Sara and I’s conversion all she wants to but if I am ultimately going to be forced to have a ceremony I don’t want then we are doing it my way and that is that.tumblr_od9z4kycsq1urp3f5o1_540


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