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My Mistake Was Thinking it Couldn’t Get Any Worse

Almost everything for the Wedding is finally set up for next week and I am so unbelievably excited- even if it has definitely been one crazy, bumpy road for us; no one can seem to understand (or care) that it’s our day and we want to do things our way.

In general, I am very bitter about having to modify the way I want to do things in order to accommodate people who cannot bear the idea of things not being done their way on a day that’s not even theirs to begin with.

From my mother complaining about the way we are structuring everything, to his mother complaining about it not being a Christian ceremony- and on and on- it has just been so unbelievably frustrating; everyone complaining left and right about how we’re doing it and how it’s not fair to them… It really makes me understand how some Women become Bridezillas over their Wedding Day. I know I definitely feel like a lace covered Hulk at the moment!

Eventually with everyone’s complaints and meddling we indefinitely cancelled the Wedding altogether just so that we could breathe for a bit. Then, in order to prevent a repeat, my fiance chose the date and we planned pretty much the entire Wedding without telling anyone at all.

On March 13th my Husband and I are going to have a short, 10 minute ceremony on the beach where we got engaged. It’s being officiated by a family member of mine from my Adopted family, and it will include a Pagan Blessing that I helped to write. After that we will have a very small potluck “reception” style party down the road at a Pavilion, where I will be grilling Chicken as the main food and everyone will hopefully bring the side dishes.

We didn’t tell anyone until last week- two weeks before the Wedding. A lot of people are upset about that, but ultimately it was what we had to do to keep my sanity in tact; I meant it when I said I didn’t want to start my Marriage out stressed to the teeth… And so I eliminated the source of the threat at the root. They’ll get over it eventually.

Despite being upset, though, some people have offered to help us with the last of the plans… Meaning, essentially, that they’ve offered to pitch in on all of the little stuff I left open ended and hadn’t finished yet, but which decidedly wouldn’t stress me out to have others’ input on. Which boils down to tying the last knots on the Cake, the Alcohol, the Food, and the Location. So today my mother ordered a wedding cake and a case of Martini and Rossi’s Asti Spumante, and my Husband and I found a Pavilion at the lake to host the dinner at- which his parents have agreed to prepare and reserve for us.

Today we also bought my Husband an outfit to wear, because he didn’t actually have anything at all. Tomorrow I have to take back a second pair of pants that didn’t work out, plus get my own dress and accessories. I also have to fix his ring, because it actually broke a wile back and he hasn’t worn it in a few months. Then tomorrow I’ll be going to the party supply store to pick up the things we’ll need to actually decorate the Pavilion. And on Thursday my Mother, Finance, and I will be going out to lunch together. Afterwards we’ll go to the County Clerk to actually file for the Marriage License. My Adoptive Sister will be filing the paperwork she needs later in the week to Officiate the ceremony for us.

All in all, things are finally coming together. It’s not exactly how I wanted it, but it was significantly less stressful even if I had to upset everyone to do it. With any luck, though, Friday we will be Married and everyone will put aside their petty anger over how we did it for long enough to have a decent time.

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