Robber’s Cave State Park

A few weeks ago I received a wonderful invite from a friend of mine to go hiking at Robber’s Cave State Park. Unfortunately for this Hike my Husband wouldn’t be joining me.

9006_10152612407211629_2508713760898097559_n1I ended up leaving a day earlier than planned for the trip- and for good reason: We were leaving out of Stillwater and the whole trip (from Stillwater to Robber’s Cave) was supposed to take 3 or so hours. It simply didn’t make any sense for them to drive into North Central Oklahoma in order to pick me up in the morning. So I hitched a ride with another member of our Hiking Team who didn’t live far from me, and we stayed the night at their house instead.

Once there, I was dropped off at the apartment while the person I hitched a ride with went to spend time with the fourth member of our team at work. But after a short while, my friend and I decided that we wanted food. Deciding on Qdoba, we hiked it across Stillwater because neither of us had a car; she said it “wasn’t that far from her apartment” but it still ended up taking us about an hour. It was worth it, though, because he walk through the heart of Stillwater was actually quite nice. But after our shenanigans it was time for sleep.


At about 8 in the morning we left Stillwater for the journey to Robber’s Cave. I thought that as tired as I was I would end up falling asleep on the way up there. But for some reason that wasn’t the case. Instead we all talked and jammed out to a wide variety of music. Really, it was probably one of the best long distance car rides I have been on in a while. To be completely honest, though, I was unsure of what to expect from the trip.

I had never had the privilege of visiting any of our State Parks before. But I’ve also never been further than Stillwater on that side of the state; I’ve been up and down the Western and Central parts of Oklahoma a thousand times., but for some reason had never made my way East. Whatever expectations I did have it blew them away, though. The scenery is absolutely beautiful on the drive up there… But Robber’s Cave State Park itself is breathtaking; it blew me away once we got to the areas that were more dense with Evergreens.

tumblr_njo52dhilw1u7g63jo5_1280Funnily enough, I did turn out to be the most useful person on the trip; with my experience with hiking I was the only person with a Data Plan, a Navigation / GPS App, and a flashlight App. Really, the only thing I forgot was a rope. As a result, I got stuck navigating us there and back, and providing scouting for some of the darker areas we came across. The most interesting part of the hike, though, turned out to be the boulder crawling that we did; I got to put my long rusty skills at free climbing back into good use as we climbed a span of two very large boulders… In retrospect there was ample opportunity (and height) for someone to get seriously injured, but it was certainly exhilarating while we were doing it. I’m not sure that I’d be so blatantly reckless a second time, however- even with as experienced as I am with hiking and rock climbing.

tumblr_njo52dhilw1u7g63jo1_1280When it started getting closer to nightfall, we packed it up finally, catching Subway in Wilburton before heading home. The ride back was much the same as the ride there- though I’m sure I’m not the only one who wanted to throw one of our party members out of the car for the majority of the return trip; he kept changing the station every two seconds and was just a ball of hyperactive energy. It was great for keeping all four of us awake (a much needed service after an all nighter and an intensive hiking expedition), but still annoying regardless. And when we finally returned to Stillwater, I caught a ride back with another party member instead, and the break from our hyperactive Chihuahua companion was very much appreciated.

I got home finally around midnight, took a bath, then curled up with my Husband in bed; as soon as my head hit the pillow I was out like a light. Today my body feels like a huge sack of bricks; my muscles are all made out of lead and stone, and I’m far more hydrated than i should be. But it was worth everything, and I’ve officially completed my first goal for the 2015 year.

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