Robber’s Cave State Park

A few weeks ago I received a wonderful invite from a friend of mine out of Stillwater to go hiking with her and her Fiance at the famous Robber’s Cave State Park. Unfortunately for this Hike my Husband would not be joining me, but I accepted the invite enthusiastically non-the-less.

I ended up leaving a day early than planned for the trip- and for good reason. Since the whole trip from Stillwater to Robber’s Cave was supposed to take 3 or so hours, it didn’t make any sense for everyone to drive an hour in the opposite direction to pick me up in the morning. I hitched a ride with the other member of our Hiking Team (Nate, who lives just out in Marland) and we stayed the night at their house to save on fuel, time, and money. A good thing we did, too, as we did not get back to Stillwater until late in the night, and I didn’t make my way back to Ponca City until almost midnight.

Once there, I was dropped off at Kelsci’s apartment and Nate left to spend time with Eric at work. We decided after a short while that we wanted food, but neither of us had a car. We decided on Qdoba and hiked it across Stillwater. She said it “wasn’t that far”, but it ended up taking us about an hour from the apartment. It was worth it on multiple fronts, however. The walk through the heart of Stillwater was actually quite nice, and Qdoba has really good food.

I got a Burrito on Wheat Tortilla, with Black Beans, Brown Rice, Normal Queso and Spicy Queso both, plus Chicken and Mozzarella cheese, and Pico. It was pretty much heavenly.

3 hours into my impromptu Stillwater sleepover, however, I about lost my phone. We got about a quarter of the way back to the apartment before I realized I’d left it in the bathroom. +1 point and some very massive respect to whatever Qdoba patron turned my phone in at the cash register instead of stealing it. You are a glorious person, whoever you are.

After our shenanigans it was time for sleep. We left for Robber’s Cave at 8 or 9 in the morning- though first we grabbed some doughnuts and I called my Husband to make sure he was doing ok and let him know we were shoving off finally. I thought that as tired as I was I would end up falling asleep on the way up there but that wasn’t to be the case. We talked and jammed out to a wide variety of music on our way there and it was probably one of the best long distance car rides I have been on in a long time.

To be completely honest, I was unsure of what to expect. I have never been further than Stillwater on that side of the state, even though I’ve been up and down the west side and Central parts of the state a thousand times. Whatever expectations I did have it blew them away, though. The scenery is absolutely beautiful on the drive up there, but Robber’s Cave State Park itself just kind of blew me away once we got to the areas that were more dense with Evergreens. I want to go back up again with my Husband when the leaves are on the trees. I bet it will certainly be a thousand times more beautiful than it already was.

I did, however, turn out to be the most useful person on the trip. With my experience with hiking, I was the only person with a Data Plan, a Navigation / GPS App, and a flashlight App. The only thing I forgot was a rope. As a result, I got stuck navigating us there and back and providing scouting for some of the darker areas we came across. The most interesting part of the hike turned out to be the boulder crawling that we did. I got to put my long rusty skills at free climbing back into good use as we climbed a span of two very large boulders. In retrospect there was ample opportunity and height for someone to get seriously injured, but it was certainly exhilarating while we were climbing. I am not so sure that I would be so blatantly reckless a second time, however- even with as experienced as I am with hiking and rock climbing.

We caught Subway in Wilburton before heading home. On the way back to Stillwater I am fairly positive that Kelsci and I both wanted to throw Nate out of the car the majority of the return trip. He kept changing the station every 2 seconds and was just a ball of hyperactive energy… Which was great for keeping all 4 of us awake (a much needed service after an all nighter and an intensive hiking expedition), but still annoying regardless. When we finally returned to Stillwater, Eric offered to let me ride back to Ponca City with him instead of riding back with Nate. Eric was traveling to Marland to stay with Nate that night and had to go up there anyways. The break from our hyperactive Chihuahua companion was very much appreciated. I got home finally, took a bath, then curled up with my Husband before passing out like a light.

Today my body feels like a huge sack of bricks, but the whole thing was worth it. It was worth being stuck in a small, cramped car for 8-ish hours total; It was worth the lead and stone muscles I have today and the dehydration; It was worth everything, and I’ve officially completed my first goal for the 2015 year.tumblr_od9z4kycsq1urp3f5o1_540


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