Lake Ponca Nature Center Hiking and BMX Trail

Trips out of the house are rare and short as my Husband and I are introverts who prefer to stay inside most days- unless, of course, it involves an opportunity for a hike!

We started the day off by visiting my family; my young sister recently gave birth to her third child- a beautiful baby boy- and so we visited in order to see my newborn Nephew for the first time. We only stayed for a little bit, however, as we had received an invite to go out with one of my Husband’s coworkers.

The plan had originally been to play Frisbee Golf with them. I had become fairly decent at it while Living in Tulsa and was excited about the prospect. At some point without informing us, though, the plans were changed; Frisbee Golf was no longer on the activity menu for that day. Instead we were apparently going hiking. That was just fine by us- myself especially, given that one of my goals for this year is to Hike at least 3 trails.

Usually my Husband and I hike at Osage Cove because it has a gorgeous Cliff Side trail that we adore. But since we were going out with coworkers and they had changed the plans on us, they picked the trail instead. Strangely enough, it was a trail we had never been to before; my Husband and I didn’t know that Lake Ponca had a Nature Center- let alone that said Nature Center contained a Hiking and BMX Trail. Fortunately for us, my Husband’s coworker and his Wife had been out there before.

The trails dip down into this Valley like region. It’s wonderfully shaded (a nice respite from Oklahoma heat), but otherwise there’s not much to see there; there was one very interesting cement structure whose purpose I’m still not entirely sure of, but most of the trees were dead or leafless because it was too early in the year. Additionally, there really wasn’t much in the way of challenging terrain. You can tell that it was built largely with the BMX Bikes in mind. And while that doesn’t bother me, it doesn’t exactly make for a particularly interesting Hike either.

LPNC Sunset

After the Hike we moved over to the Camping Grounds located across the way. There was a little exploring down by the water way behind the sites- during which point a snake and I scared the ever loving bejeebus out of one another. When we came back up, the sun was setting, throwing off some of the most gorgeous colors I’ve ever seen. When it was all said and done, everyone settled in to grill a bit of food- at which point my Husband and I decided to leave for home.

I decided not to snap pictures for the majority of the trip. With all the leafless trees and dry scrub, it really wasn’t worth capturing. But while the trail itself was relatively uninteresting compared to the trails we normally hike? It was still interesting to explore new trails we hadn’t been on before- and that sunset at the end really made it worth it.

Signature Blue

The Banner Image for this post was provided by StockSnap; the Banner Image for the main site is my own work.


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