Lake Ponca Nature Center Hiking and BMX Trail

We spent the day out of the house yesterday. Trips out of the house are rare and short as my Husband and I are introverts who prefer to stay inside most days- unless, of course, it involves a newborn family member or a hiking opportunity!

Firstly we went to the next town over in order to see my family. My young sister gave birth recently, and so we visited her at my mother’s house in order to see my newborn Nephew for the first time. He was the cutest little thing. We only stayed for a little bit, however. The day before we had received an invite to go out with one of my Husband’s coworkers to Ponca Lake.

We originally thought we were going out to play Frisbee Golf, but apparently it was for a Hiking trip- which was just fine by us, myself especially given my goal this year to Hike at least 3 trails. We didn’t know the trail existed, but his coworker and his coworker’s wife had been out there before. While the trail itself was relatively uninteresting compared to the trails we normally hike, it was still fun and interesting to explore new trails we hadn’t been on before. I even managed to get some really amazing Sunset photos as well.

The best part is that we even found a Deer leg. One of the kids that was in our group found it and said I could have it. The Hoof was fully in tact and in great condition so I brought it home with us and now it’s sitting in the drying cabinet with the Pheasant Wings at the moment. I’m very happy to have the new addition to my Vulture collection. Once it’s dry I’ll actually try to identify the exact Breed / Species if I can- though I am fairly certain that it is a common deer species from this area.tumblr_od9z4kycsq1urp3f5o1_540


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