2015 Goals for Self Improvement

With so much going on in my life there is a lot I want to do. I am halfway through a personal journey, but there is still much I need to do. This list is a simple reflection of those Goals for this year, based on my own interests and ways in which I want to change myself.

Become a better Lady

  1. Study Etiquette
  2. Study appropriate Manners
  3. Become better at putting it into practice
  4. Invest in higher quality Makeup and Clothing
  5. Dress more nicely, more often
  6. Wear Makeup more often

Become a better Housewife

  1. Study cleaning and Household Management techniques
  2. Create a household schedule and stick to it
  3. Begin Meal Prep schedule again
  4. Cook more often, eat out less
  5. Become better at completing chores on time

Emotional and Mental

  1. Become better at cursing less often
  2. Speak less, listen more
  3. Work on becoming less “Snobbish”
  4. Work on becoming less “Judgmental”
  5. Work on becoming less “Abrasive”
  6. Or at least work on vocalizing it less often

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