Yearly Objectives

My Goals for 2015

I hear it all the time: Goals help you stay on track throughout the year. As scatterbrained as I am I definitely need a little structure, so I’m starting a list!

Fitness & Health

  • Establish a regular exercise routine
  • Get to my goal weight of 120 pounds
  • Capable of lifting 160 pounds
  • Get back into Yoga and Bellydancing
  • Go Hiking 3 times this year
  • Go Camping 3 times this year
  • Go Swimming 3 times this year
  • Purchase a Fitbit Surge
  • Quit smoking for good finally
  • Do better at staying hydrated

Food & Home

  • Establish a regular cooking schedule
  • Eat out less often; Cook more often
  • Begin Meal Prep schedule again
  • Try 1 new thing a week
  • Take a cooking class if available
  • Work on completing Cookbook
  • Study Household Management
  • Create a household schedule
  • Become better at completing chores

Appearance & Beauty

  • Establish a regular beauty routine
  • Invest in higher quality makeup
  • Pamper myself once a week
  • Dress nicer on average, when able
  • Invest in higher quality beauty items
  • Wear Makeup more often

Creative Pursuits

  • Take a Pottery Class if one is available
  • Draw one Tattoo a month
  • Draw one non-Tattoo a month
  • Draw one fashion design a month
  • Knit and / or Crochet more often
  • Get better at sewing
  • Learn to sew Lingerie
  • Learn Embroidery and Beading

Self Improvement

  • Study Etiquette and Manners
  • Become better at putting it into practice
  • Become better at cursing less often
  • Speak less, listen more
  • Work on becoming less “Snobbish”
  • Work on becoming less “Judgmental”
  • Work on becoming less “Abrasive”
  • Or at least work on vocalizing it less often

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